14 Best Products For Frizzy Hair

Frizzy Hair Aftercare

Get frizzy hair? Don’t worry, I’ve got some great products for you to use! I’ll range them from lightweight to heavy duty so you know what would be best for you!


🍸Evo Love Touch Shine Spray- A wonderful smelling shine spray that helps to control frizz

🍸Evo Day of Grace- a primer spray that is super light, helps with fly aways and gives a nice hydrated base to the hair

🍸Evo Head Mistress Cuticle sealer- great smell and leaves the hair feeling soft and tames fluff

🍸Colour Wow supernatural- This is an amazing spray, I could even put this in the medium to heavy weight catagory but the product is so light that you can feel it in the hair

🍸Oribe Foundation Mist- This was my go-to heat protecting fluff tamer, it’s very light, feels like nothing but gives the hair a bit of luminosity 

🍸Oribe Supershine light- Softness, shine, Anti-frizz 

Medium Weight:

🍷Evo Easy Tiger Smoothing Balm- great heat protectant, softness and shine, anti-frizz and smoothing
🍷Olaplex Bonding Oil- great heat protectant, makes hair soft and shiny, designed to repair hair while keeping frizz at bay

🍷Morrocan Oil- Makes hair soft, fluff and anti frizz tamer

🍷Orive Smooth Style Serum- Shine, Body, Anti-frizz 


🥃Evo Lockdown- For smoothing, detangling, shine and anti-frizz
🥃Oribe Straight away- heat protectant and anti-humidity/anti-frizz

🥃Oribe Supershine- Hydrate, Shine, Softness and anti-frizz

 Mega Heavy weight

🍺Cezanne Straightening treatment- (need to go to a salon to get it professionally done) basically a brazilian blowdry but more gentle 

Hopefully this will help some of you! Any questions my instagram is @wren_tailoredhairHave a great day!!

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