How To Fix Hair That’s Thinning And Falling Out

You might be asking yourself “can my thinning hair grow back?” “Why is my hair falling out?” “How can I get my hair to grow back?”

The truth is simple, rather than googling online or asking a hairdresser- you MUST go and see a trichologist. This is recommended by the majority of hairdressers. Seeing a trichologist is the very first thing you do as they can diagnose and prescribe your condition and help you properly.

Once you have seen a Trichologist, then you can ask for a hairdressers advice as they may know of other products that can help. Take for example hair styling thickening products. Within the hair styling category- if you see products that claim to thicken the hair, you must read the description properly as this won’t make more hairs grow from your head. No, the idea of these products will create an illusion of thicker hair.

But that’s the category of hair styling for you. What you want is a product that can help to promote new hair growth. With my personal advice that I would give to people would be just two things.

  • 10,000mcg Biotin Daily
  • Nioxin Scalp Treatment for progressed thinning hair

First of all, make sure you talk with your GP/doctor before taking that amount of biotin on a daily basis. Taking an overdose of biotin generally doesn’t have any other side effects apart from potentially thicker and stronger hair. However, if you have a medical condition or you are taking medication- I would highly recommend talking to a doctor first.

With taking an excess amount of biotin- be sure to take it a minimum of 3 months before you see a difference as it works on new growth- not the hair that is currently exposed to the hair that you’re seeing now.

Nioxin, with this treatment- it’s so far the only treatment I’ve come across that actually seems to be working. I have met two incredible woman going through chemotherapy and to which they had lost their hair and it didn’t appear to be growing back. Over time as they had been using this treatment I have seen their hair begin to return and now their hair is as was before their treatments.

I can’t promise that either of these things will work for you but they both have worked for other people.

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