Kaeso Beauty Luxe Facial Serum Review

Kaeso Beauty Serum Review

The Kaeso Beauty Luxe Facial Serum. I’ve been using this for about three months already and I’ve definitely seen a difference to my skin.

Product goal:

The Kaeso Luxe Facial Serum brightens and aids skin renewal, helping restore radiance, replenish lost moisture and create a silky smooth complexion

What does the product feel like?:

Your general lightweight serum texture, it’s not sticky or oily, it’s just very light and creamy.

Dry time:

The serum absorbs into the skin in a matter of minutes or even less. Leaves the skin feeling good, doesn’t leave a plastic film, oil, or tackiness on the skin.

What skin type is this for?:

I think this would be good for all skin types, I personally have a combination type skin and it gets really oily around my nose and very dry every where else. But just using the serum really helped to rebalance my skin quite a bit. By using it on its own it worked well with areas that were dry, oily and normal. I also have sensitive skin and this didn’t provoke any kind of sensitivity.

Overall thoughts:

I personally love this serum, when I was in quarantine and not travelling to work everyday this was all I was wearing, I didn’t need a moisturiser. Now I’m back at work I do need a tiny bit of moisturiser on top before getting on the trains as the pollution and masks dries out my skin. My skin is noticeably clearer and looks softer and plump. It’s a very very good price, I personally think it’s a real bargain for what you get. It really does help to retain moisture even just a little bit, comparing it to other serums from the brand this one does it the best. I recommend this serum to anyone who wants a light weight serum that works.

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