Kaeso Beauty Anti-Age Serum Review

So if you don’t know, I’m reviewing all the Kaeso Beauty products I own 1 by 1 so I can tell you about each product individually rather than the brand overall. This is not a sponsored review, these are products I have genuinely purchased and these are my actual thoughts on them. I’m not a dermatologist, the only thing that makes me qualified to give a review on skin care products is that I’m a skin care enthusiast, I’m a professionally trained makeup artist so I was taught skin care as a basic and people constantly ask me what my skin care routine is because they love how good my skin looks. It takes plenty of effort to get it this smooth, it’s no short journey.

I hate long introductions that have absolutely nothing to do with the review in itself and if you’re like me you didn’t even read the paragraph at the beginning and you’re probably not even reading this bit either. So, let’s just dive in to it, shall we?

Product Goal:

This section of the review is just stating the obvious, what is the product meant to do for your skin? In the description it reads:

“Kaeso Anti Ageing Facial Serum nourishes the complexion and helps to stimulate the skins natural collagen activities.

  • Works on the vital skin functions for visibly younger skin
  • Improves the complexion
  • Gives a radiant glow
  • Promotes oxygenation
  • Boosts collagen production”

Question is, does it do what it says? I’ll get into that in a bit.

What does the product feel like?

The serum feels like a light gel, there is no tackiness nor does it leave a sticky feel. When the product dries into the skin it will feel like you’re not wearing anything on your face. If you actually touch the area after, it will not feel like you have any product on and your skin will feel soft. I would still recommend applying a moisturiser on top.

Dry time?

I would say 5 minutes or less. The product will absorb into the skin very quickly making it lightweight and a good base to use under moisturisers and oils.

What skin type is this for?

Well, aside from what the name suggests that it’s an anti age serum, anyone can really use it. It’s lightweight enough so it shouldn’t agitate those with oily skin, I have sensitive skin so I never get any irritation from it, i would say it can still be good for those who are younger but I would say from 18+. If you have dry skin, do not use this as a moisturiser, always use it underneath one. This can also be used underneath a primer, I feel like it really does make a good base for the skin if you wear makeup. I like to mix this serum with the Kaeso beauty Luxe facial serum because that one is able to moisture better, so mixing the two serums can help you get away with not using moisturiser. However, if you do have dry skin you would need to apply a moisturiser on top.

Overall thoughts:

This is where I talk about my experience with the product. So, I have noticed a difference since using this product, my skin seems a lot less dull and more youthful and plump. My complexion does look better overall. I’ve found either mixing this with the luxe serum or having it underneath a moisturiser can really make the moisture and bright feeling last all day. When I mean by bright feeling, I mean when I apply this product it makes my skin feel good, like smooth and happy. I used to suffer with really bad dry skin due to pollution from travelling everyday but I feel like when I use this serum underneath my creams verses the other serums I own, I feel like this is better for anti pollution as even though this serum does not retain moisture, my skin does not feel dried out and tight or cracking at the end of the day after work.

Is it worth buying? For the price, absolutely. You do see a result, it’s not massive or overwhelming but it’s a nice and gradual result. For the price and quality of it, it’s definitely a must have in your collection.

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