Kaeso Beauty Dusk Til Dawn Sleep Oil Review

Kaeso Beauty Dusk Til Dawn Sleep Oil Review

I can honestly say that after I tried the Kaeso Beauty Eye Candy eye cream, may have gotten just a little carried away and bought an insane amount of Kaeso beauty products to try them out one by one. I don’t know what to tell you, the eye cream was just that good! But this isn’t the post where I constantly talk about the wonders of Eye Candy. No, today, I’m going through the Dusk Til Dawn Sleep Oil.

If you love your oils then you would likely love this one too. I love it and I personally am not a massive fan of oils. So let me tell you why I apply this every night:

Product type:

Without trying to point out the obvious it’s an oil. You need the most tiniest amount on top of your moisturiser and you’re good to go. This is designed to restore full and tired skin, formulated with lavender oil.

What does this product feel like?:

It’s a thin oil, so expect this product come out like water on your hands so just be prepared. Even just half a pump should be enough to cover your skin in a light layer but a full pump will glaze your skin. Depends on your preference. It’s not sticky or tacky, and doesn’t feel greasy.

Dry time:

This takes a long long time to absorb into your skin so it’s good that you only need to apply this at night. I prefer only using half a pump because my hair loves to get stuck to my face when I have oil on (hence why I’m not a fan of oils). This way it absorbs in a little quicker, but expect it to take maybe 2-3 hours to sink in depending on how much you applied.

What skin type is this for?

This is designed for dull skin, it can also be good for both young and mature, sensitive, and dry skin (but do not expect it clear severely dry skin as it’s not designed for moisture). You can also use this if you have combination skin like I currently have, this oil is light enough to allow you to use this without causing your sebaceous glands to produce more oil like some others do.

Over thoughts:

I really love this oil. Every time I use it I see a real difference from the night before to when I wake up (be it in the middle of the night to use the restroom or when I wake up in the morning). The results I see is visibly plumper and brighter skin. It looks super soft and smooth and it is a real difference. Like I say with every Kaeso beauty product review, it’s very very affordable and This is a genuine must have in everyone’s nightly skincare routine. My routine just isn’t the same without it. However, just ensure you keep it upright, I’ve had a leakage in my skincare bag and I can’t work out what product it is, but I recon it’s one of my two oils as all of my products are very oily. So don’t make the same mistake as I had.

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