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Resin_byLily coasters

If I’m being honest, I’m going through yet another crystal phase. I go through times where I can’t help but purchase some more crystals to decorate my room with. It just makes for such a lovely atmosphere which is exactly what I need when I get home from work. Let’s all be honest here, there can be a few negative people that surround you at work, not necessarily people you work with, they could be customers, people on public transport, people in the streets, the people serving your food at breakfast/lunch. Whoever it is spreading their negativity, it’s hard to escape from it especially when you’re empathetic.

Several times I find myself getting annoyed and angry on the trains when there’s a fair few people and I wouldn’t know why. But as soon as I’m off and walking down the streets, even though I would be surrounded by more people I would feel better because I’m not standing around each individual person long enough to tap into their energy.

More recently, I’ve been getting terrible headaches and sometimes even migraines with how often I’m around negative people. It’s exhausting on a new level. However, much like many other people I really don’t want to feel other people’s anger or feel depressed because everyone is so desperate to go home or get outside because they’re missing the sunlight.

Resin_bylily coasters

I never truly used to believe in crystal magic in the past up until the last few years. I remember once I had this 5 day long pulsing headache, no matter what I tried nothing worked to heal it. I tried Paracetamol, ibuprofen, codeine, cold press, warm press, caffeine, water, massaging, junk food, healthy food, extra sleep, hay-fever tablets, sinus tablets, the lot. In the end I was actually just giving up and was accepting the fact that I probably wasn’t going to get rid of this headache and it would take days to get over at least. Then I looked down and over at a couple of crystals I left on my desk and remembered that when I was younger my mother and older sister would tell me about their healing properties. I did a little research just to see if they weren’t just making it all up and how to use crystals if not, then I got to work on using them.

Right after I finished, my headache was completely gone. To this day I still don’t know if it was really the crystal or a placebo effect. But it seems like a much more wonderful world to believe it was the crystal. Now I like to surround myself with crystals to keep good vibrations high and negativity out.

The problem is I have quite a few crystals now and I wanted a way to display them. I was researching resin coasters and tempted to buy quite a few until I found an old friend who has just started a new business selling resin products. I knew for a fact that I was definitely going to go for her services! I love turning to people I trust and that I know to help out their business as much as I can, and Lily’s business really resonates with me.

If you want to check out her services you can go to Instagram and her tag is @resin_bylily

Resin_bylily coasters

Lily is a really lovely and hard working person, I sent a direct message and ordered about 3 coasters from her. I had the freedom to get to have custom made coasters tailored to my liking which in general isn’t very easy to find in businesses these days. So I asked for circular grey and white coasters to be made to match some of my furniture. Despite the products being made from scratch and customised, it only took a couple of days for my products to arrive!

My order came to £20 for 3 handmade bespoke coasters, which is an amazing deal! Most places would charge much more for a fixed style.

Apart from coasters, lily also does key rings and bookmarks.

I’ll personally stick with the coasters since I don’t use key rings and I read everything digitally these days. But if you need either of those things you know where to look!

So my coasters arrived a few days ago, they’re very good quality, very strong and beautiful! I’m really pleased with the results! I can flip them on either side and have different patterns but I prefer them upside down because they have a more ethereal appearance that goes with my aesthetic.

There’s nothing bad to say, they aren’t lob sided and wonky, they’re perfectly shaped and can balance anything on top without the worry of anything being knocked over. And they make for perfect displays for my crystals!

How To Order:

Go on Instagram to resin_bylily and direct message her what you would like! Simple! I 100% recommend Lily’s services.

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