Crystal Corner

Welcome To Crystal Corner!

So, this is very different to what I usually post. I’ve gone from writing about hair, to skin care, to clothing reviews to crystals! Truth is I just want to write about anything I’m passionate about. I also love to share the works of others on my website too and have made plans to expand my website!

This new section is mainly just to talk to you about crystals and what they can do. Or just to share how beautiful they are!

I’ve started collecting crystals again after so long and I had completely forgotten how much crystals have really helped me. If I place a few crystals in my room I feel surrounded by good energy. It’s very cleansing to feel such high positive vibrations as apposed to the negative dealings we have to put up with during the day.

I feel ultimately much happier and calmer with crystals in my life, and they make for wonderful decoration as well!

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