What You Really Need To Start A Business

-By Lauren D’Ath                                                                                                       03/03/2021

Hey! How are you?

In this post I will be talking to you about what it really takes to start a business. Starting a new business can be crazy hard but it’s best to learn from the Entrepreneurs who have already been through the difficult phase of creating a start up. So, here are some steps to start a small business while keeping it super cost efficient.

You Don't Need A Website!

News flash! But you really don’t need a website! When I started this website I thought I was going to make fast money online, but that’s just not what happened. Making a website was the first thing I did and it was just so unnecessary. In fact, you just need a social media platform to build up your shop or portfolio. 

Besides, starting up a new website takes lots of time and effort, as of writing this, I’m rebranding and have removed several old blogs and products even podcasts from this website, so it’s pretty bare right now. The problem is, this means I would have to completely start from scratch when it comes to building my website up for SEO. 

Websites take much longer to run before you start getting anywhere, so start with social media first until you make enough money to hire a VA to help you create and expand your website with you so it’s easily searched VIA Google.


You Do Not Need A Logo

Believe it or not, you don’t actually need a cool logo design or a logo at all to run a business. I made one super quickly when I started my business, it was okay, nothing glamourous but I actually ran my business without it, I just didn’t need it. My branding and client strategy was done in such a way that no one cared whether or not a had a logo or if I had a website, they just wanted to know how I could help them.

As of right now, I am rebranding my entire business so I’m in the works of getting a professionally made Logo design done for me. But if you are just starting out, depending on what business you plan to run, you likely don’t actually need a brand logo just yet, or if you do, just get a cheap one and you can rebrand later.

You DO need Brand colours

So, enough about what you don’t actually need, what do you really need? Believe it or not, you need brand colours. You might not need a business logo design, but you got to keep your brand identity aesthetically pleasing.

I have always found when helping young entrepreneurs that the ones who find gaining traffic to their business the hardest are actually the ones who randomly and spontaneously showcase their business but don’t have even an ounce of branding. So, awesome tip is literally just have 2-3 colours that you will use consistently throughout your brand. An extra tip is making sure you edit photos subtly so that the tone, saturation, vibrancy and colours in general can will compliment your brand. Trust me, people are attracted to brands that are pleasing to the eye. 

Choose 1 platform to work with

Yeah, I may have gone down the route of trying out every platform when I started too, well don’t. You might think by having as many platforms as possible will give you a wider range to attract customers but what is actually happening is that you are just spreading yourself too thin. Successful entrepreneurs know that you must master one platform in order to add a new one. Besides, 1 platform alone when trying to remain consistent in posting and easily cause burn out in every new entrepreneur. Especially so if you are a solopreneur.

Choose 1 platform and run with it, master it, make it your business, control it, own it and make it stand out! I started my business on Instagram, and what’s great about Instagram is that you can even open a shop on the platform! You can showcase your work neatly and it’s easy for people to contact you!

Alternatively, you can also use Facebook. Facebook is very versatile for people who wish to run a business, you can join or create groups which many people use these days to teach masterclasses or network. You can have a business page and also you can sell via Facebook Market place. Me and my partner had found this lovely lady who happens to live locally and she bakes homemade brownies and blondies to sell on the market place! It’s such a wonderful idea and it’s easy money made!

How should they pay you?

This is surprisingly easy if you get everything set up. 

Paypal is the best form of payment that I love using, you don’t need Paypal Business to request money, but I love using the business version to send off invoices! Using invoices means I can also add terms of conditions and create recurring invoices as well. It makes money easy and fast.

Alternatively, I use Calendly, a call/appointment booking app that uses stripe and paypal, so If I’m booking in coaching clients and I decide to not do this via Paypal invoice or even my website, I can use Calendly as this means the client has an option to also use a debit or credit card as well as booking a call with me.

Sell Digital Products?

I only sell digital products or online services for the time being, which I mostly did just sell on my website. But when I was starting out, I didn’t know I could just sell my products on Amazon or through Dropbox! This means I could send them a link to my Amazon products or get them to pay via Paypal first and send them a link to the products in my dropbox. 


So this is actually how you can start a business without spending any money whatsoever! So let’s recap:

Don’t buy a website- use social media to show case your products and portfolio.

Use Paypal to take payments.

For digital products, sell via Dropbox or Amazon.

And that’s how you make money at home easy in 2021!

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