What It’s Like To Start A Business

By Lauren D'Ath

Let me chat with you for a minute and talk about what it was like for me and many others who began our lives as a young entrepreneur. 

I would say most of us didn’t actually know how to start a business, and we all made plenty of mistakes when it came to finding the best way to make money fast. I made a separate article talking about what it really takes to start a business so if you want to check that out, here’s the link

Getting back to it, sure we made mistakes, but being an entrepreneur is all about getting up and keep moving forward. So, let me share 3 key points you need to consider if you plan to start a business.

You're never truly going to be mentally prepared

I’ll be real with you, no one has ever really been mentally prepared to start a business. Sure, I’ve met people who have just started their business and almost instantly bag 5 figures every month, but for that to happen you need something to just -click-.

The people who make money the fastest are the people who understand the mindset behind money, finance, people and business the clearest. Some people live to sell and make money but others live to thrive. Trust me, there’s a difference. So many people are so focused on how they are going to make money from their business that they end up making little to no money at all. Learning to expand your mind and to learn and grow and most importantly truly understand how your business can help people is how you will succeed.

If you hadn’t had much training in regards to business and mindset before starting a business, you’ll very quickly learn about the many levels of scarcity that come with creating your own brand.

I’ll admit, it’s terrifying and boundary pushing, but if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, then you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and dig deep because you’re only just opening the cat flap to door of scarcity.

What to take from this- be prepared for anything, and I mean anything to come up within you. I’ve met entrepreneurs to realise that they’re terrified of making money and so they self sabotage themselves.

Be prepared to be booked out everyday

I don’t mean this as “be prepared to be booked out with clients” no… When you start a business it’s about constant action and a lot of determination. I would spent 16 hours/7days a week on my business, nurturing it, preparing to launch and even after launching. Even though I don’t have to now, I still choose to work 12 hours everyday to help my clients. Why? Well, simply because I love what I do, it doesn’t feel like work to me.

Just remember that if you choose to want to work minimally you must be prepared to work a lot and take as much action as possible to get to where you want to be. Eventually, you can easily hire out some VA’s, Social media managers and other contracted workers to help you run your business. Running a business is i would say 50% mindset and 50% action, so remember to keep going.

Clients will and won't come to you

Before I rebranded the first time to a Social Media Manager, I originally started my business giving hair and beauty advice. After all, I used to be a hairdresser and makeup artist before starting my business. After I set up my website, posted many blogs, published books and podcasts etc, I thought people were instantly going to come to me and say “hey take my money” for my amazing quality advice and guidance. But, they didn’t. No one was actually interested. The doors weren’t flooding with customers despite me knowing something great like how to restore bleached hair once it’s been burnt to a crisp. I thought that was going to be my big seller and I would instantly make buck as soon as it was published. This however was not the case. But this isn’t just a me problem, actually this happens to the majority of entrepreneurs. So, never expect that once you open the doors people will come flooding in, unless you have an amazing pre-launch marketing technique (but if you’re new to business this would likely not be the case) then people won’t be running in. 

But that doesn’t mean to say you should knock out the idea entirely. After all, you don’t want to be doing all the hard work to run a business. Keep the idea open that at any given point people will some how find you and you would instantly solve a problem for them.

For example, when I rebranded and started my Social media managing business at the time, in the first week BEFORE I was officially up and ready for business, I had 2 prospects contact me and handed me their money so I could help them out. I think I made at least £500 before even opening my new business.

Making money can seem hard, but it’s surprising that when you’re open to it and with the right brand marketing and strategy, making money is so easy.

Want to start a business in 2021?

Looking to start a business or already started but need to start making money? Dm me on Instagram with the word “Success” and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can on how I will help you grow your business!

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