How You Know You’re A Real Entrepreneur and Taking Your Business Seriously 2021

Anyone can be an entrepreneur and anyone can say that they’re an entrepreneur, but are you really and entrepreneur and a business owner?

If you pursue your business like a hobby, something that you do in your spare time here and there, then you’re not a business owner or an entrepreneur. But if you take a hobby you’re really good at and pursue it into a career, then we’re only just getting somewhere.

You can still not be an entrepreneur and be building a brand, get a cool logo design, work on your brand image and even invest a bit of money into your business. But you’re not an entrepreneur because you’re doing it comfortably. You spend a day a week building your website and working on your business, splashing out money here and there as of when you need something and know that you have the cash to do it. But this gives you the same feeling as if it’s a hobby. Just doing it for a little bit once a week, investing money towards it to keep it going just like any hobby. Like painting, invest in a new canvas, new paints and brushes, or football, invest in a good kit and those pricey football boots.

I know about that stage because back when I first started I liked to call myself entrepreneur but I was treating my business like a hobby, even when I was working on it every day from very early in the morning all the way to extremely early the next morning, I still didn’t fully understand that mindset of taking my business seriously. Why? Because I wasn’t betting on myself.

You want to be a successful entrepreneur in 2021?

Bet on yourself.

Own your business. Own your intellect. Know that this is what you do and what you want to do more than anything. Know that you will succeed no matter what. Then when you know you have made the DECISION to succeed, you bet on yourself.

I didn’t take entrepreneurship seriously until I left my job. I barely had anything saved up and was always worried about money. I kept holding onto whatever money I had left, gave up on my business immediately and start applying for jobs.

The problem was that I had interviews.

I had people interested.

But I didn’t want the jobs I applied for, even though at the time of applying I was desperate.

Then I realised, that I didn’t really take my business seriously. Why didn’t I take my business seriously?

I had these amazing ideas, I had people interested but I didn’t follow through.

Then I realised I just didn’t think I could pull it off. I always thought I could because I always put my mind towards anything I have my heart set on.

But I had a mental block that lead me to see how I truly felt about myself. I couldn’t grasp the true feeling of what it would be like to run a real successful business let alone make money off of it. I came to realise what so many other successful business owners also came to realise, that it’s not until you hit rock bottom is when everything changes. Plus, it’s not even when you hit a low the first time. You begin to realise that this is just how entrepreneurship is, it’s a string of highs and lows, the highs are what keep you going and motivated but it’s the lows where you want to give up but you learn true deep meaningful lessons that make you even more successful.

People become true entrepreneurs when they’ve hit their low and say f*ck it! I’m betting on myself, they get all in at any risk, at any cost, even if they can’t afford it they’ll find a way. Being an entrepreneur is about embracing the highs and lows, never giving up, accepting the winters and loving the summers, and making their life happen no matter what.

So, here’s the moment I knew:

I was going through a patch of not making money from my business, I was starting to slip back into depression again, and I remember sitting down for dinner and eating next to my partner silently crying into my food. I didn’t want him to know I was upset and having a low moment. I just kept thinking how life had treated me poorly for so long, and it was only fitting that I would never find a job and have to move back home and live off my parents. Then I went to the bathroom, took some deep breaths when I could hear a voice in my head. Which sounds so cliche but I’m telling the truth, I heard a voice call out and tell me that I can create my own reality and it can’t get worse than this. So if it can’t get worse than this it can only get better and I need to be open to receiving better. I kept telling myself to remain open that opportunities will come to me at any given point. and sure enough, I walk out the bathroom, go back to eating, check my phone and I had a message from a previous client who wanted to give me £300 for one of my old social media managing packages. I kept silently mouthing “thank you thank you thank you” as it was a sign that no matter how life gets I need to keep betting on myself.

If you are ready to bet on yourself then DM on Instagram the word “success” and lets take you to the next level.

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