The Best Thing To Do Before You Start A Business in 2021

By Lauren D’Ath

How do you create a successful business in 2021?

Is it a really cool product? Is it a really good ad? Do I need to get a great website? No, Nothing like that.

What if I told you it’s actually completely not what you’re thinking at all. Actually, it’ll make your life a ton easier.

Hire a business coach.


A Business coach that you feel great about can take you far and beyond with your business. You would not believe the transformations that come with a good business coach!

When I started out, I literally didn’t want any help whatsoever because I was just so determined to do it myself. Then after months of going absolutely no where, I ended up coming across a coach who did short but intense power calls for an affordable price for a limited time only. I though why not, I ‘ll try a business coach for the first time ever. And I Sh*t you not, not even a week later I got 2 clients and taking in £500. That was the first time I earned money from my business! I paid somewhat over £120 for a 90 minute call and I made over 4x the amount back!

That’s genuinely what happens when you invest in a good business coach, you make money back and more! That’s literally what business coaches are there to help you with. Then some time later when I decided to rebrand I invested in a coach that specialises where I was in my business, which was earning a stable amount, getting regular clients, but still not earning a luxury income, so the price tag for the coach was higher, but the value was definitely greater. I was less than 2 weeks in when I had already made back the money I spent for the coach using their method of growing!

Business coaches will teach you how to start a business correctly. I can’t tell you how essential that is. Many entrepreneurs will struggle trying to do it on their own and make no money for years before investing in a coach that’s right for them and instantly making buck when they take the leap to invest.

In some ways, hiring a business coach is like buying one of those express cards at an amusement park so you can get on the rides first. It’s because you are deliberately skipping out on the hard work, the mistakes and the fails as the business coaches will teach you what to do, what not to do and share their knowledge that they know works and also learned from many of their own business coaches. Yes, even business coaches have business coaches! It’s because you can always learn from someone who is at a higher stage than you to get you to their level.

If you’re starting a business- or maybe you already have one but can’t quite get it to take off, DM me on Instagram the wordsuccess and I’ve got an amazing treat that will you help you soar!

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