What It’s Really Like To Be A Woman Entrepreneur

By Lauren D’Ath

What should you know about being a female entrepreneur before you become one?

Well first of all, happy international woman’s day! It just seemed like such a perfect time to talk about this subject and I’m so excited for it!

I love help and supporting women entrepreneurs more than anything, women have other women’s back in this business. It is my mission to strive and help women become successful in business because I personally believe that women can immensely change the world for the better. Women who help and love to learn and grow are the people who can create such a beautiful earth. I believe that to my core much like many other women within this community.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are some women out there who views everything like a competition and might not be the best of role models, but in this amazing community of women in business, I can’t tell you how many amazing, gorgeous souls are out there.

Now, there are a few different kinds of women entrepreneurs who roam around the communities, so it depends where you place yourself among them. For example, you have the MLM girls, the start ups, the cold DMer’s, the woo woo crew, the hardcore promoters, the crazy successful ones, the stuck ones and the ones who follow the flow. Oh, and the spam accounts but people just report them and get them removed from groups. So, here’s a summary of all the women you can find within the community:

The MLM Girls: These are girls that work for pyramid schemes companies that some times sell good products but they tend to be a rare find if they do. A lot of entrepreneurs aren’t lovers of MLMs for many different reasons, but we all just try to get along since we are all trying to make money to survive at the end of the day. Working for an MLM isn’t something I would recommend as the team who scout you would be pushy, likely teach you bad ways to sell products like constantly sell to your friends until they ignore you or cold message people to sell to them or join your team so you can make commission from them. That’s not always the case, but it happens very frequently, plus they’re not always the most polite of people. Personally, I’ve been scouted by so many MLM brands I lost count and declined each and every one because it’s just not an environment I could ever be a part of.

The Start Ups: This is where the total newbies to business are either really thinking about starting a business or have literally just started, they’re all super cute but because they’re new they often tend to make a lot of mistakes when it comes to promoting their business but I would say 90% after a couple weeks or so begin to realise how hard it is to start a business so they end up trying everything and grabbing all the freebies other entrepreneurs are handing out. Everyone starts out like this and that’s totally fine, but it ends up causing a ton of burn out, the strong ones who are passionate enough tend to make it through.

The Cold DMers: I find cold DMing really annoying like 90% of the time. It does depend on what it is, but most of the time it is crazy annoying. You’ll find that there are many women who are still kinda new to business and don’t fully understand that cold messages just isn’t a strategy people should really do anymore. So often they’ll send you a friend request and then try to sell to you via DM, I actually prefer people who just tell me what they’re selling straight away like VAs and SMM because I do appreciate their cold messages I’ll be honest. However, most of the time they’ll try and strike up a conversation to see what you need help with and then sell to you. I just don’t have the patience to humour someone who I know doesn’t care about what I’m saying, they’re just waiting for an opening to sell to me. Sometimes whenever I get these messages I just straight up ask them what are they trying to sell and for how much and I’ll let them know if it’s something I’m looking for or not. But long story short, I get these at least 5 times every day.

The Woo Woo Crew: I LOVE these lot, they’re so precious and full of amazing energy! Woo woo is a term for spiritual, witchy sort of stuff, think of crystals, stars and essential oils and that’s the woo woo crew. These are honestly some of the most powerful, kindest, quirkiest, sweetest, successful and overall incredible group of people I have ever met. They’re all super head strong and happy go lucky at the same time. They are the ones who can focus their mindset to accomplishing anything while seeing the beauty in everything. Sure, they can all get pissed off and upset at anything like a normal human but they do it in a way that makes them stronger and it makes their mentality harden and strengthen. Make sure you connect with these women!

The hard core promoters: I have a lot of respect for these girls because they show up for themselves EVERY DAY to promote in promotion groups and comments. They don’t do it in a spammy way, they do it correctly and respectfully and they’re like machines and they’re everywhere.

The Crazy Successful ones: The funny thing is about the successful ones, they don’t show it off, and in fact you just know they’re successful because of their presence. They pop up in a group and they have instant and impeccable authority because they earned it. They’re all down to earth, head strong and powerful quirky women who have such incredible respect.

The Stuck ones: I think I mentioned these types of personalities in a previous blog post, but the stuck ones are the women who have been in business for months of years and they can’t move the needle to get their business going but are afraid of investing a good coach or course to help them move forward.

The ones who go with the flow: These are the women who rise in entrepreneurship in a graceful way, they know what they’re doing and if they’re stuck they’ll find someone to help them out with that. They’re happily working as their own bosses making anything from a liveable wage to a luxury one.

But I would say that being a women entrepreneur can be so rewarding providing that you listen to what you think is right and go with the flow! I definitely recommend all passionate women to try and be apart of this community, all of these characters and more are people you can learn from and help you grow, but before going into it, think who you want to be out of these women who I see everyday on this list!

If you’re just starting a business or been stuck for a while, message me on Instagram with the word “success” and I’ll help you out!

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