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Need Some Help?

Are you finding yourself shrouded in too much work and you’re trying to do it all yourself?

Or maybe you’re a team member down with no one available who can take over the extra work.

There’s so much copywriting that needs doing, there’s no time to keep up with social media, and you and the team are cutting it close or even running behind on deadlines because of it.

This is where I come in.

My name is Lauren D’Ath and I’m a British freelance copywriter and social media manager. I help businesses ranging from entrepreneurs to conglomerates with their copywriting and social media managing needs. Despite being British, I can also write in American-English upon request.

I specialise in topics such as:

  • Beauty (this includes hair, makeup, products, and beauty industry itself)
  • Spiritual (this includes manifestation, reiki and more)
  • Social media and entrepreneurship (for example, writing content for a solopreneur Instagram marketer)

I can also expand my skills to other niches and industries if needed.

An example of this is I also write and create content for:

  • cryptocurrency companies
  • fashion

Why choose me?

  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to multitask projects
  • Able to prioritise work to complete projects before deadlines
  • Meticulous eye for detail
  • To be able to take direction, learn and improve quickly
  • Exceptional writing skills, including the ability to write in a range of voices and styles for a diverse audience
  • Self-motivated and disciplined
  • Ability to come up with fresh content ideas quickly


Light Services-

  • Social Media, 20 simple feed posts per month
  • Email marketing, 2 emails weekly (up to 300 words per email)
  • Scheduling content
  • Engagement up to 30 minutes daily

Medium Services-

  • Social media, 20 feed posts including carousels and video-based content e.g. Reels
  • Email marketing, 3 emails weekly (up to 400 words per email)
  • 2 Blog posts weekly (up to 700 words)
  • Automation bot copy (up to 10 different responses weekly)

Premium Services-

  • Social media, 30 feed posts including carousels, video, edited/photoshopped images if needed and stories
  • Email marketing, 5 emails weekly (up to 500 words per email)
  • 4 Blog posts weekly (up to 800 words)
  • Articles/magazine articles (up to 1500 words up to 2 per week)
  • 2 E-guide content (up to 5000 words)
  • Automation bot copy (up to 10 different responses twice a week)
  • Facebook ads (2 weekly)
  • Sales page
  • Landing page
  • Unlimited engagement – including: responding to comments, messaging potential clients, responding to other peoples stories, commenting and liking on posts

If you are interested in the services that I provide, please see the packages available below:


Bronze Package – £13 per hour

This includes:

  • Light Services only

Silver Package – £15 per hour

This includes:

  • Access to Medium and Light services

Gold Package – £16 per hour

This includes:

  • 2 premium services + access to medium and light services

Platinum Package – £18 per hour

This includes

  • Access to all services

Premium Package – £20 per hour

This includes

  • Need something there and then? You’re first in line. My services are fast and efficient anyway, but for premium unlimited clients, you get my full attention. You have a launch coming up? I’ll get whatever you need prepped and ready for you (does not include night hours).

Need a quote? Or have a budget? No problem! Tell me what you need and we can work around that.

Made A Decision? Here’s What’s Next:

After you have decided on which package is best for you, we can move on to the trial phase.

Each new onboarding client can choose to have a 7 day no strings attached trial to see if we are a good fit. Before the trial begins, you will need to pre-pay for the 7 days which will be based on whichever package you decide on and what services you need- this will all be sorted through a consultation (either through Email, DM or call). At the end of the trial if you are happy with the service provided and would like to continue then I will send you a contract and once signed and paid I will get to work.

Note: usually I charge before starting work but you always have the choice of adding more services during the month or if you need more work from outside of what you have per-paid for, so you can:

  • Pay the extra service cost first each time you request more services during the month
  • Wait until the next invoice is ready and pay the added on services for last month alongside the services your prepaying for the next month.

You can message me any time if you have any questions.

Note: paying for light services but need premium? No problem, this can be done easily.

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  1. Hi Lauren, can we arrange a Zoom to discuss please under a NDA?

    I’d like to share with you some product details and profit margins, so that we can discuss openly what we would need your work to deliver in terms of sales in order for us to Breakeven on the investment, with a view to getting your opinion on the probability of success and the time taken to do so.

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