Be In Flow – Mini Coaching Sessions

Are you an entrepreneur that:

  • Is unsure on how to get the needle moving
  • Doesn’t know the next right steps to take in your business and social platforms
  • Needs clarity on how to improve and grow
  • Is feeling overwhelmed and you don’t know how to move through it
  • Is doing all the right things but still remaining stagnant in your business and social media
  • Knows something is blocking them from being able to move forward

If any of this sounds like you then one of mini coaching sessions can help.

What To Know About These Sessions

I stick to short sessions because as a business woman and entrepreneur myself, I understand how tight for time everyone is. So you don’t have to worry about trying to find a spare 2 hours in your day.

I work on 1 thing at a time.

Even I have learned the hard way that trying to work through everything in one go can be insane especially when you’re trying to run a business. It’s easy to get majorly overwhelmed and the stop working altogether and calling it a day… for a week…

So this is why I prefer to work on 1 question or 1 area where either you or your business need to work on.

Readings, Connection, Advice

So, first things first, these sessions are a mixture between psychic readings, intuitive connection, and expert social media advice.

The process behind combining spiritual and business is by helping you unlock the answers yourself.

When you leave yourself open to new ideas, realisations, and mental “downloads” (download is a term for when the light bulb lights up in your mind and you get excited with the endless potential and creativity)- while having my help with “unlocking” what you previously couldn’t see was preventing your success, you would immediately want to jump right back into business knowing exactly what you need to do.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s in our way.

Is it the way we are doing our social media?

Is it the way we are running our business?

Is it our clients? Are we not attracting the right people, or any at all?

Or is it ourselves?

Or is it the people we surround ourselves with?

A normal business coach won’t be able to tell you what the issue is and what you can do to solve it if it has nothing to do with your business.

You could follow their advice and guidance, set up a website, build those funnels, create those landing pages, write those emails etc. You could be doing all the right things, but then you don’t scale, you don’t grow, you don’t expand, you don’t make more money.

If you don’t discover what’s wrong in the areas outside of you business, then there’s not where to go other than to stay stagnant.

So this is where I come in and I help you discover the missing details, the answers that are trapped behind locked doors.

Texts And Voice Notes

I know many people would likely prefer a reading or session through a face call, but my readings and connection is far more accurate through voice notes and texts. This is because I won’t have any distractions from tone of voice or facial expression.

Plus you would have visible and audible messages you can come back to whenever you need.

And, as a business person, you don’t need to sacrifice any time away from your work to jump on a call.

I do offer calls before or/and after the reading, depending on the package. Having a call before and after the reading can help us go deeper to understand and even discover the next steps.


The Burning Desire Question – £33

What’s your 1 burning desire question that you need to know the answer to? Includes one 30 min session.

Unlock Your Potential – £88

One 30 minute session, plus two 15 minute face/voice calls before and after the session to go deeper.

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