Spiritual Services

I’ll be offering more services soon but here are services I currently have available:

Short Readings 20 minutes:

Voice note OR Email – £15

Audio Call – £25

Face Call – £33

Long Readings 45 minutes:

Voice note OR Email – £30

Audio Call – £40

Face Call – £50


Weekly 30-minute face/audio call readings – £25 per week.

Weekly 30-minute voice note Whatsapp readings – £20 per week

Why should I get a regular reading? This is a great way to know if you’re on the right path and to also help support you and get you through some tough moments as well as to help boost you when you’re doing amazing. My readings often come with tailored advice I pick up from your spirit guides to further help you with your journey.

Manifesting Moon Babes Membership – $33 per month (Early bird price – will go up to $38 once membership has launched)

The membership for Manifesting Moon Babes include monthly: 2 live reiki healings, 2 live readings, 2 meditation audios, 2 mini positive rituals to help get you in the in-flow mindset, accountability group

Click the PayPal link below to sign up to Manifesting Moon Babes!

For more information, please contact me at lauren@tailoredbeautysecrets.com

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