Spiritual Services

I’ll be offering more services soon but here are services I currently have available:

Short Readings 20 minutes:

Voice note OR Email – £15

Audio Call – £25

Face Call – £33

Long Readings 45 minutes:

Voice note OR Email – £30

Audio Call – £40

Face Call – £50


Weekly 30-minute face/audio call readings – £25 per week.

Weekly 30-minute voice note Whatsapp readings – £20 per week

Why should I get a regular reading? This is a great way to know if you’re on the right path and to also help support you and get you through some tough moments as well as to help boost you when you’re doing amazing. My readings often come with tailored advice I pick up from your spirit guides to further help you with your journey.

Manifesting Moon Babes Membership – $33 per month (Early bird price – will go up to $38 once membership has launched)

The membership for Manifesting Moon Babes include monthly: 2 live reiki healings, 2 live readings, 2 meditation audios, 2 mini positive rituals to help get you in the in-flow mindset, accountability group

Click the PayPal link below to sign up to Manifesting Moon Babes!

For more information, please contact me at lauren@tailoredbeautysecrets.com

Be In Flow – Mini Coaching Sessions

Are you an entrepreneur that:

  • Is unsure on how to get the needle moving
  • Doesn’t know the next right steps to take in your business and social platforms
  • Needs clarity on how to improve and grow
  • Is feeling overwhelmed and you don’t know how to move through it
  • Is doing all the right things but still remaining stagnant in your business and social media
  • Knows something is blocking them from being able to move forward

If any of this sounds like you then one of mini coaching sessions can help.

What To Know About These Sessions

I stick to short sessions because as a business woman and entrepreneur myself, I understand how tight for time everyone is. So you don’t have to worry about trying to find a spare 2 hours in your day.

I work on 1 thing at a time.

Even I have learned the hard way that trying to work through everything in one go can be insane especially when you’re trying to run a business. It’s easy to get majorly overwhelmed and the stop working altogether and calling it a day… for a week…

So this is why I prefer to work on 1 question or 1 area where either you or your business need to work on.

Readings, Connection, Advice

So, first things first, these sessions are a mixture between psychic readings, intuitive connection, and expert social media advice.

The process behind combining spiritual and business is by helping you unlock the answers yourself.

When you leave yourself open to new ideas, realisations, and mental “downloads” (download is a term for when the light bulb lights up in your mind and you get excited with the endless potential and creativity)- while having my help with “unlocking” what you previously couldn’t see was preventing your success, you would immediately want to jump right back into business knowing exactly what you need to do.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s in our way.

Is it the way we are doing our social media?

Is it the way we are running our business?

Is it our clients? Are we not attracting the right people, or any at all?

Or is it ourselves?

Or is it the people we surround ourselves with?

A normal business coach won’t be able to tell you what the issue is and what you can do to solve it if it has nothing to do with your business.

You could follow their advice and guidance, set up a website, build those funnels, create those landing pages, write those emails etc. You could be doing all the right things, but then you don’t scale, you don’t grow, you don’t expand, you don’t make more money.

If you don’t discover what’s wrong in the areas outside of you business, then there’s not where to go other than to stay stagnant.

So this is where I come in and I help you discover the missing details, the answers that are trapped behind locked doors.

Texts And Voice Notes

I know many people would likely prefer a reading or session through a face call, but my readings and connection is far more accurate through voice notes and texts. This is because I won’t have any distractions from tone of voice or facial expression.

Plus you would have visible and audible messages you can come back to whenever you need.

And, as a business person, you don’t need to sacrifice any time away from your work to jump on a call.

I do offer calls before or/and after the reading, depending on the package. Having a call before and after the reading can help us go deeper to understand and even discover the next steps.


The Burning Desire Question – £33

What’s your 1 burning desire question that you need to know the answer to? Includes one 30 min session.

Unlock Your Potential – £88

One 30 minute session, plus two 15 minute face/voice calls before and after the session to go deeper.

Want to get started?

Message me on Instagram @The_Beauty_Strategist

Or email me Laurenedath@outlook.com

Social Media Managing and Copywriting Services

You can contact me at laurenedath@outlook.com for any inquiries.

Need Some Help?

Are you finding yourself shrouded in too much work and you’re trying to do it all yourself?

Or maybe you’re a team member down with no one available who can take over the extra work.

There’s so much copywriting that needs doing, there’s no time to keep up with social media, and you and the team are cutting it close or even running behind on deadlines because of it.

This is where I come in.

My name is Lauren D’Ath and I’m a British freelance copywriter and social media manager. I help businesses ranging from entrepreneurs to conglomerates with their copywriting and social media managing needs. Despite being British, I can also write in American-English upon request.

I specialise in topics such as:

  • Beauty (this includes hair, makeup, products, and beauty industry itself)
  • Spiritual (this includes manifestation, reiki and more)
  • Social media and entrepreneurship (for example, writing content for a solopreneur Instagram marketer)

I can also expand my skills to other niches and industries if needed.

An example of this is I also write and create content for:

  • cryptocurrency companies
  • fashion

Why choose me?

  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to multitask projects
  • Able to prioritise work to complete projects before deadlines
  • Meticulous eye for detail
  • To be able to take direction, learn and improve quickly
  • Exceptional writing skills, including the ability to write in a range of voices and styles for a diverse audience
  • Self-motivated and disciplined
  • Ability to come up with fresh content ideas quickly


Light Services-

  • Social Media, 20 simple feed posts per month
  • Email marketing, 2 emails weekly (up to 300 words per email)
  • Scheduling content
  • Engagement up to 30 minutes daily

Medium Services-

  • Social media, 20 feed posts including carousels and video-based content e.g. Reels
  • Email marketing, 3 emails weekly (up to 400 words per email)
  • 2 Blog posts weekly (up to 700 words)
  • Automation bot copy (up to 10 different responses weekly)

Premium Services-

  • Social media, 30 feed posts including carousels, video, edited/photoshopped images if needed and stories
  • Email marketing, 5 emails weekly (up to 500 words per email)
  • 4 Blog posts weekly (up to 800 words)
  • Articles/magazine articles (up to 1500 words up to 2 per week)
  • 2 E-guide content (up to 5000 words)
  • Automation bot copy (up to 10 different responses twice a week)
  • Facebook ads (2 weekly)
  • Sales page
  • Landing page
  • Unlimited engagement – including: responding to comments, messaging potential clients, responding to other peoples stories, commenting and liking on posts

If you are interested in the services that I provide, please see the packages available below:


Bronze Package – £13 per hour

This includes:

  • Light Services only

Silver Package – £15 per hour

This includes:

  • Access to Medium and Light services

Gold Package – £16 per hour

This includes:

  • 2 premium services + access to medium and light services

Platinum Package – £18 per hour

This includes

  • Access to all services

Premium Package – £20 per hour

This includes

  • Need something there and then? You’re first in line. My services are fast and efficient anyway, but for premium unlimited clients, you get my full attention. You have a launch coming up? I’ll get whatever you need prepped and ready for you (does not include night hours).

Need a quote? Or have a budget? No problem! Tell me what you need and we can work around that.

Made A Decision? Here’s What’s Next:

After you have decided on which package is best for you, we can move on to the trial phase.

Each new onboarding client can choose to have a 7 day no strings attached trial to see if we are a good fit. Before the trial begins, you will need to pre-pay for the 7 days which will be based on whichever package you decide on and what services you need- this will all be sorted through a consultation (either through Email, DM or call). At the end of the trial if you are happy with the service provided and would like to continue then I will send you a contract and once signed and paid I will get to work.

Note: usually I charge before starting work but you always have the choice of adding more services during the month or if you need more work from outside of what you have per-paid for, so you can:

  • Pay the extra service cost first each time you request more services during the month
  • Wait until the next invoice is ready and pay the added on services for last month alongside the services your prepaying for the next month.

You can message me any time if you have any questions.

Note: paying for light services but need premium? No problem, this can be done easily.

Want To Save Some Money?

Ask me about my referral program!

Checkout My Business Growth Services

Need help with growing your business and social media?

Find yourself struggling for clarity or are unsure on why you’re not growing and progressing?

Maybe you don’t know what are the next steps to take or where you can improve.

Or maybe you have several mental blocks you need help working through.

Whatever your business trouble, try a reading and coaching session to help you get the needle moving today.

Get Started Today:

If you’re happy to go ahead with the trial, you can contact me by:

Instagram: Instagram.com/the_beauty_strategist/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauren-d-ath-95820966/

Email: laurenedath@outlook.com

How To Build Your Business On Instagram

Come to the conference where I’ll be speaking on April 7th 5pm UTC/ GMT to teach you how to build a business on instagram!

Head over to this site https://www.subscribepage.com/ultimatebusinessconference?utm_source=lauren then when you sign up, make sure you click my name “Lauren” so we know you’re part of my crew.

Can’t wait to see you there!

What It’s Really Like To Be A Woman Entrepreneur

By Lauren D’Ath

What should you know about being a female entrepreneur before you become one?

Well first of all, happy international woman’s day! It just seemed like such a perfect time to talk about this subject and I’m so excited for it!

I love help and supporting women entrepreneurs more than anything, women have other women’s back in this business. It is my mission to strive and help women become successful in business because I personally believe that women can immensely change the world for the better. Women who help and love to learn and grow are the people who can create such a beautiful earth. I believe that to my core much like many other women within this community.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are some women out there who views everything like a competition and might not be the best of role models, but in this amazing community of women in business, I can’t tell you how many amazing, gorgeous souls are out there.

Now, there are a few different kinds of women entrepreneurs who roam around the communities, so it depends where you place yourself among them. For example, you have the MLM girls, the start ups, the cold DMer’s, the woo woo crew, the hardcore promoters, the crazy successful ones, the stuck ones and the ones who follow the flow. Oh, and the spam accounts but people just report them and get them removed from groups. So, here’s a summary of all the women you can find within the community:

The MLM Girls: These are girls that work for pyramid schemes companies that some times sell good products but they tend to be a rare find if they do. A lot of entrepreneurs aren’t lovers of MLMs for many different reasons, but we all just try to get along since we are all trying to make money to survive at the end of the day. Working for an MLM isn’t something I would recommend as the team who scout you would be pushy, likely teach you bad ways to sell products like constantly sell to your friends until they ignore you or cold message people to sell to them or join your team so you can make commission from them. That’s not always the case, but it happens very frequently, plus they’re not always the most polite of people. Personally, I’ve been scouted by so many MLM brands I lost count and declined each and every one because it’s just not an environment I could ever be a part of.

The Start Ups: This is where the total newbies to business are either really thinking about starting a business or have literally just started, they’re all super cute but because they’re new they often tend to make a lot of mistakes when it comes to promoting their business but I would say 90% after a couple weeks or so begin to realise how hard it is to start a business so they end up trying everything and grabbing all the freebies other entrepreneurs are handing out. Everyone starts out like this and that’s totally fine, but it ends up causing a ton of burn out, the strong ones who are passionate enough tend to make it through.

The Cold DMers: I find cold DMing really annoying like 90% of the time. It does depend on what it is, but most of the time it is crazy annoying. You’ll find that there are many women who are still kinda new to business and don’t fully understand that cold messages just isn’t a strategy people should really do anymore. So often they’ll send you a friend request and then try to sell to you via DM, I actually prefer people who just tell me what they’re selling straight away like VAs and SMM because I do appreciate their cold messages I’ll be honest. However, most of the time they’ll try and strike up a conversation to see what you need help with and then sell to you. I just don’t have the patience to humour someone who I know doesn’t care about what I’m saying, they’re just waiting for an opening to sell to me. Sometimes whenever I get these messages I just straight up ask them what are they trying to sell and for how much and I’ll let them know if it’s something I’m looking for or not. But long story short, I get these at least 5 times every day.

The Woo Woo Crew: I LOVE these lot, they’re so precious and full of amazing energy! Woo woo is a term for spiritual, witchy sort of stuff, think of crystals, stars and essential oils and that’s the woo woo crew. These are honestly some of the most powerful, kindest, quirkiest, sweetest, successful and overall incredible group of people I have ever met. They’re all super head strong and happy go lucky at the same time. They are the ones who can focus their mindset to accomplishing anything while seeing the beauty in everything. Sure, they can all get pissed off and upset at anything like a normal human but they do it in a way that makes them stronger and it makes their mentality harden and strengthen. Make sure you connect with these women!

The hard core promoters: I have a lot of respect for these girls because they show up for themselves EVERY DAY to promote in promotion groups and comments. They don’t do it in a spammy way, they do it correctly and respectfully and they’re like machines and they’re everywhere.

The Crazy Successful ones: The funny thing is about the successful ones, they don’t show it off, and in fact you just know they’re successful because of their presence. They pop up in a group and they have instant and impeccable authority because they earned it. They’re all down to earth, head strong and powerful quirky women who have such incredible respect.

The Stuck ones: I think I mentioned these types of personalities in a previous blog post, but the stuck ones are the women who have been in business for months of years and they can’t move the needle to get their business going but are afraid of investing a good coach or course to help them move forward.

The ones who go with the flow: These are the women who rise in entrepreneurship in a graceful way, they know what they’re doing and if they’re stuck they’ll find someone to help them out with that. They’re happily working as their own bosses making anything from a liveable wage to a luxury one.

But I would say that being a women entrepreneur can be so rewarding providing that you listen to what you think is right and go with the flow! I definitely recommend all passionate women to try and be apart of this community, all of these characters and more are people you can learn from and help you grow, but before going into it, think who you want to be out of these women who I see everyday on this list!

If you’re just starting a business or been stuck for a while, message me on Instagram with the word “success” and I’ll help you out!

The Best Thing To Do Before You Start A Business in 2021

By Lauren D’Ath

How do you create a successful business in 2021?

Is it a really cool product? Is it a really good ad? Do I need to get a great website? No, Nothing like that.

What if I told you it’s actually completely not what you’re thinking at all. Actually, it’ll make your life a ton easier.

Hire a business coach.


A Business coach that you feel great about can take you far and beyond with your business. You would not believe the transformations that come with a good business coach!

When I started out, I literally didn’t want any help whatsoever because I was just so determined to do it myself. Then after months of going absolutely no where, I ended up coming across a coach who did short but intense power calls for an affordable price for a limited time only. I though why not, I ‘ll try a business coach for the first time ever. And I Sh*t you not, not even a week later I got 2 clients and taking in £500. That was the first time I earned money from my business! I paid somewhat over £120 for a 90 minute call and I made over 4x the amount back!

That’s genuinely what happens when you invest in a good business coach, you make money back and more! That’s literally what business coaches are there to help you with. Then some time later when I decided to rebrand I invested in a coach that specialises where I was in my business, which was earning a stable amount, getting regular clients, but still not earning a luxury income, so the price tag for the coach was higher, but the value was definitely greater. I was less than 2 weeks in when I had already made back the money I spent for the coach using their method of growing!

Business coaches will teach you how to start a business correctly. I can’t tell you how essential that is. Many entrepreneurs will struggle trying to do it on their own and make no money for years before investing in a coach that’s right for them and instantly making buck when they take the leap to invest.

In some ways, hiring a business coach is like buying one of those express cards at an amusement park so you can get on the rides first. It’s because you are deliberately skipping out on the hard work, the mistakes and the fails as the business coaches will teach you what to do, what not to do and share their knowledge that they know works and also learned from many of their own business coaches. Yes, even business coaches have business coaches! It’s because you can always learn from someone who is at a higher stage than you to get you to their level.

If you’re starting a business- or maybe you already have one but can’t quite get it to take off, DM me on Instagram the wordsuccess and I’ve got an amazing treat that will you help you soar!

How You Know You’re A Real Entrepreneur and Taking Your Business Seriously 2021

Anyone can be an entrepreneur and anyone can say that they’re an entrepreneur, but are you really and entrepreneur and a business owner?

If you pursue your business like a hobby, something that you do in your spare time here and there, then you’re not a business owner or an entrepreneur. But if you take a hobby you’re really good at and pursue it into a career, then we’re only just getting somewhere.

You can still not be an entrepreneur and be building a brand, get a cool logo design, work on your brand image and even invest a bit of money into your business. But you’re not an entrepreneur because you’re doing it comfortably. You spend a day a week building your website and working on your business, splashing out money here and there as of when you need something and know that you have the cash to do it. But this gives you the same feeling as if it’s a hobby. Just doing it for a little bit once a week, investing money towards it to keep it going just like any hobby. Like painting, invest in a new canvas, new paints and brushes, or football, invest in a good kit and those pricey football boots.

I know about that stage because back when I first started I liked to call myself entrepreneur but I was treating my business like a hobby, even when I was working on it every day from very early in the morning all the way to extremely early the next morning, I still didn’t fully understand that mindset of taking my business seriously. Why? Because I wasn’t betting on myself.

You want to be a successful entrepreneur in 2021?

Bet on yourself.

Own your business. Own your intellect. Know that this is what you do and what you want to do more than anything. Know that you will succeed no matter what. Then when you know you have made the DECISION to succeed, you bet on yourself.

I didn’t take entrepreneurship seriously until I left my job. I barely had anything saved up and was always worried about money. I kept holding onto whatever money I had left, gave up on my business immediately and start applying for jobs.

The problem was that I had interviews.

I had people interested.

But I didn’t want the jobs I applied for, even though at the time of applying I was desperate.

Then I realised, that I didn’t really take my business seriously. Why didn’t I take my business seriously?

I had these amazing ideas, I had people interested but I didn’t follow through.

Then I realised I just didn’t think I could pull it off. I always thought I could because I always put my mind towards anything I have my heart set on.

But I had a mental block that lead me to see how I truly felt about myself. I couldn’t grasp the true feeling of what it would be like to run a real successful business let alone make money off of it. I came to realise what so many other successful business owners also came to realise, that it’s not until you hit rock bottom is when everything changes. Plus, it’s not even when you hit a low the first time. You begin to realise that this is just how entrepreneurship is, it’s a string of highs and lows, the highs are what keep you going and motivated but it’s the lows where you want to give up but you learn true deep meaningful lessons that make you even more successful.

People become true entrepreneurs when they’ve hit their low and say f*ck it! I’m betting on myself, they get all in at any risk, at any cost, even if they can’t afford it they’ll find a way. Being an entrepreneur is about embracing the highs and lows, never giving up, accepting the winters and loving the summers, and making their life happen no matter what.

So, here’s the moment I knew:

I was going through a patch of not making money from my business, I was starting to slip back into depression again, and I remember sitting down for dinner and eating next to my partner silently crying into my food. I didn’t want him to know I was upset and having a low moment. I just kept thinking how life had treated me poorly for so long, and it was only fitting that I would never find a job and have to move back home and live off my parents. Then I went to the bathroom, took some deep breaths when I could hear a voice in my head. Which sounds so cliche but I’m telling the truth, I heard a voice call out and tell me that I can create my own reality and it can’t get worse than this. So if it can’t get worse than this it can only get better and I need to be open to receiving better. I kept telling myself to remain open that opportunities will come to me at any given point. and sure enough, I walk out the bathroom, go back to eating, check my phone and I had a message from a previous client who wanted to give me £300 for one of my old social media managing packages. I kept silently mouthing “thank you thank you thank you” as it was a sign that no matter how life gets I need to keep betting on myself.

If you are ready to bet on yourself then DM on Instagram the word “success” and lets take you to the next level.

How To Start a Successful Business in 2021

Due to the pandemic, many people are now losing their jobs, their businesses and struggling to find work. On the other hand, more and more people are taking the leap and starting their own businesses. But it’s one thing to start a business, it’s another thing to know how to become a successful entrepreneur.

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

Well first of all, it’s worth noting that a true entrepreneur takes risks even when they’re scared sh*tless but will stop at nothing to becoming successful. But what I find most of the time with new business owners that barely make money from their business is that they are not willing to take risks, they are not willing to step out of their comfort zone while demanding instant results. You can’t make money fast and create a successful business if you’re not willing to give up everything to make it happen.

I met entrepreneurs who were 5 figures in debt from bad life choices, turn their lives around because they decided that they were going to start a business and put their all into it. I have never personally been in debt, but I never earned much money before I started a business. I was stuck on minimum wage with £300 going towards the commute to work every month, this doesn’t include buying food, paying for subscriptions and bills. And whatever money I had left over would go towards replenishing products like supplements and vitamins, medicines or it would go to my business. When I left my job I barely had much saved, enough to keep me going for a couple months since I no longer needed to travel every day but only enough to survive with.

I was holding onto my money for dear life, I was holding on so tight I lost sense as to what being an entrepreneur and a business owner is about. It was terrifying, but I rocked up the nerve to invest in a few coaches and courses, putting the bill on credit cards or dipping into my savings. I’m not sure how much I had spent, but I know it was at least £5000, but as soon as I invested in myself, I started instantly making money back. Clients were coming to me straight away once I had only just started learning more from my coaches and courses.

So, this is why I say that if you want to have a successful business, you need to invest in yourself first and take your business seriously.

If you are ready to start that journey then I would be happy to help you, but you need to show me you’re determined to be successful and willing to take action, ready to take action? DM me on Instagram with the word “success”

What It’s Like To Start A Business

By Lauren D'Ath

Let me chat with you for a minute and talk about what it was like for me and many others who began our lives as a young entrepreneur. 

I would say most of us didn’t actually know how to start a business, and we all made plenty of mistakes when it came to finding the best way to make money fast. I made a separate article talking about what it really takes to start a business so if you want to check that out, here’s the link

Getting back to it, sure we made mistakes, but being an entrepreneur is all about getting up and keep moving forward. So, let me share 3 key points you need to consider if you plan to start a business.

You're never truly going to be mentally prepared

I’ll be real with you, no one has ever really been mentally prepared to start a business. Sure, I’ve met people who have just started their business and almost instantly bag 5 figures every month, but for that to happen you need something to just -click-.

The people who make money the fastest are the people who understand the mindset behind money, finance, people and business the clearest. Some people live to sell and make money but others live to thrive. Trust me, there’s a difference. So many people are so focused on how they are going to make money from their business that they end up making little to no money at all. Learning to expand your mind and to learn and grow and most importantly truly understand how your business can help people is how you will succeed.

If you hadn’t had much training in regards to business and mindset before starting a business, you’ll very quickly learn about the many levels of scarcity that come with creating your own brand.

I’ll admit, it’s terrifying and boundary pushing, but if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, then you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and dig deep because you’re only just opening the cat flap to door of scarcity.

What to take from this- be prepared for anything, and I mean anything to come up within you. I’ve met entrepreneurs to realise that they’re terrified of making money and so they self sabotage themselves.

Be prepared to be booked out everyday

I don’t mean this as “be prepared to be booked out with clients” no… When you start a business it’s about constant action and a lot of determination. I would spent 16 hours/7days a week on my business, nurturing it, preparing to launch and even after launching. Even though I don’t have to now, I still choose to work 12 hours everyday to help my clients. Why? Well, simply because I love what I do, it doesn’t feel like work to me.

Just remember that if you choose to want to work minimally you must be prepared to work a lot and take as much action as possible to get to where you want to be. Eventually, you can easily hire out some VA’s, Social media managers and other contracted workers to help you run your business. Running a business is i would say 50% mindset and 50% action, so remember to keep going.

Clients will and won't come to you

Before I rebranded the first time to a Social Media Manager, I originally started my business giving hair and beauty advice. After all, I used to be a hairdresser and makeup artist before starting my business. After I set up my website, posted many blogs, published books and podcasts etc, I thought people were instantly going to come to me and say “hey take my money” for my amazing quality advice and guidance. But, they didn’t. No one was actually interested. The doors weren’t flooding with customers despite me knowing something great like how to restore bleached hair once it’s been burnt to a crisp. I thought that was going to be my big seller and I would instantly make buck as soon as it was published. This however was not the case. But this isn’t just a me problem, actually this happens to the majority of entrepreneurs. So, never expect that once you open the doors people will come flooding in, unless you have an amazing pre-launch marketing technique (but if you’re new to business this would likely not be the case) then people won’t be running in. 

But that doesn’t mean to say you should knock out the idea entirely. After all, you don’t want to be doing all the hard work to run a business. Keep the idea open that at any given point people will some how find you and you would instantly solve a problem for them.

For example, when I rebranded and started my Social media managing business at the time, in the first week BEFORE I was officially up and ready for business, I had 2 prospects contact me and handed me their money so I could help them out. I think I made at least £500 before even opening my new business.

Making money can seem hard, but it’s surprising that when you’re open to it and with the right brand marketing and strategy, making money is so easy.

Want to start a business in 2021?

Looking to start a business or already started but need to start making money? Dm me on Instagram with the word “Success” and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can on how I will help you grow your business!

What You Really Need To Start A Business

-By Lauren D’Ath                                                                                                       03/03/2021

Hey! How are you?

In this post I will be talking to you about what it really takes to start a business. Starting a new business can be crazy hard but it’s best to learn from the Entrepreneurs who have already been through the difficult phase of creating a start up. So, here are some steps to start a small business while keeping it super cost efficient.

You Don't Need A Website!

News flash! But you really don’t need a website! When I started this website I thought I was going to make fast money online, but that’s just not what happened. Making a website was the first thing I did and it was just so unnecessary. In fact, you just need a social media platform to build up your shop or portfolio. 

Besides, starting up a new website takes lots of time and effort, as of writing this, I’m rebranding and have removed several old blogs and products even podcasts from this website, so it’s pretty bare right now. The problem is, this means I would have to completely start from scratch when it comes to building my website up for SEO. 

Websites take much longer to run before you start getting anywhere, so start with social media first until you make enough money to hire a VA to help you create and expand your website with you so it’s easily searched VIA Google.


You Do Not Need A Logo

Believe it or not, you don’t actually need a cool logo design or a logo at all to run a business. I made one super quickly when I started my business, it was okay, nothing glamourous but I actually ran my business without it, I just didn’t need it. My branding and client strategy was done in such a way that no one cared whether or not a had a logo or if I had a website, they just wanted to know how I could help them.

As of right now, I am rebranding my entire business so I’m in the works of getting a professionally made Logo design done for me. But if you are just starting out, depending on what business you plan to run, you likely don’t actually need a brand logo just yet, or if you do, just get a cheap one and you can rebrand later.

You DO need Brand colours

So, enough about what you don’t actually need, what do you really need? Believe it or not, you need brand colours. You might not need a business logo design, but you got to keep your brand identity aesthetically pleasing.

I have always found when helping young entrepreneurs that the ones who find gaining traffic to their business the hardest are actually the ones who randomly and spontaneously showcase their business but don’t have even an ounce of branding. So, awesome tip is literally just have 2-3 colours that you will use consistently throughout your brand. An extra tip is making sure you edit photos subtly so that the tone, saturation, vibrancy and colours in general can will compliment your brand. Trust me, people are attracted to brands that are pleasing to the eye. 

Choose 1 platform to work with

Yeah, I may have gone down the route of trying out every platform when I started too, well don’t. You might think by having as many platforms as possible will give you a wider range to attract customers but what is actually happening is that you are just spreading yourself too thin. Successful entrepreneurs know that you must master one platform in order to add a new one. Besides, 1 platform alone when trying to remain consistent in posting and easily cause burn out in every new entrepreneur. Especially so if you are a solopreneur.

Choose 1 platform and run with it, master it, make it your business, control it, own it and make it stand out! I started my business on Instagram, and what’s great about Instagram is that you can even open a shop on the platform! You can showcase your work neatly and it’s easy for people to contact you!

Alternatively, you can also use Facebook. Facebook is very versatile for people who wish to run a business, you can join or create groups which many people use these days to teach masterclasses or network. You can have a business page and also you can sell via Facebook Market place. Me and my partner had found this lovely lady who happens to live locally and she bakes homemade brownies and blondies to sell on the market place! It’s such a wonderful idea and it’s easy money made!

How should they pay you?

This is surprisingly easy if you get everything set up. 

Paypal is the best form of payment that I love using, you don’t need Paypal Business to request money, but I love using the business version to send off invoices! Using invoices means I can also add terms of conditions and create recurring invoices as well. It makes money easy and fast.

Alternatively, I use Calendly, a call/appointment booking app that uses stripe and paypal, so If I’m booking in coaching clients and I decide to not do this via Paypal invoice or even my website, I can use Calendly as this means the client has an option to also use a debit or credit card as well as booking a call with me.

Sell Digital Products?

I only sell digital products or online services for the time being, which I mostly did just sell on my website. But when I was starting out, I didn’t know I could just sell my products on Amazon or through Dropbox! This means I could send them a link to my Amazon products or get them to pay via Paypal first and send them a link to the products in my dropbox. 


So this is actually how you can start a business without spending any money whatsoever! So let’s recap:

Don’t buy a website- use social media to show case your products and portfolio.

Use Paypal to take payments.

For digital products, sell via Dropbox or Amazon.

And that’s how you make money at home easy in 2021!