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14 Best Products For Frizzy Hair

Frizzy Hair Aftercare

Get frizzy hair? Don’t worry, I’ve got some great products for you to use! I’ll range them from lightweight to heavy duty so you know what would be best for you!


🍸Evo Love Touch Shine Spray- A wonderful smelling shine spray that helps to control frizz

🍸Evo Day of Grace- a primer spray that is super light, helps with fly aways and gives a nice hydrated base to the hair

🍸Evo Head Mistress Cuticle sealer- great smell and leaves the hair feeling soft and tames fluff

🍸Colour Wow supernatural- This is an amazing spray, I could even put this in the medium to heavy weight catagory but the product is so light that you can feel it in the hair

🍸Oribe Foundation Mist- This was my go-to heat protecting fluff tamer, it’s very light, feels like nothing but gives the hair a bit of luminosity 

🍸Oribe Supershine light- Softness, shine, Anti-frizz 

Medium Weight:

🍷Evo Easy Tiger Smoothing Balm- great heat protectant, softness and shine, anti-frizz and smoothing
🍷Olaplex Bonding Oil- great heat protectant, makes hair soft and shiny, designed to repair hair while keeping frizz at bay

🍷Morrocan Oil- Makes hair soft, fluff and anti frizz tamer

🍷Orive Smooth Style Serum- Shine, Body, Anti-frizz 


🥃Evo Lockdown- For smoothing, detangling, shine and anti-frizz
🥃Oribe Straight away- heat protectant and anti-humidity/anti-frizz

🥃Oribe Supershine- Hydrate, Shine, Softness and anti-frizz

 Mega Heavy weight

🍺Cezanne Straightening treatment- (need to go to a salon to get it professionally done) basically a brazilian blowdry but more gentle 

Hopefully this will help some of you! Any questions my instagram is @wren_tailoredhairHave a great day!!

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What To Know Before Colouring Your Hair At Home

Things To Know Before You Colour Your Hair At Home!

Don’t want to pay the salon price or can’t afford it so you prefer to colour at home? Well here’s why you shouldn’t and how to make going to the salon even more cost effective and get more out of your money then doing your hair at home. Hair Colour ProductsSo if you’re trying to dye your hair with a box dye here’s what you should know:

  • Box dye companies don’t know who is applying the colour to their hair. Is it someone who wants to be lighter? Darker? Wants to cover a few whites? Or do they have 100% grey resistant roots?Basically, rather than creating individual formulas to work with the correct people they create one formula for a colour that would cover everything. Meaning they want to make sure the colour covers the most resistant hair possible which to anyone who hasn’t got that issue and has fine soft hair: it is very very damaging and over time your hair will appear more dull, fried and unhealthy.
  • Dark patches and colour build up: creates dark banding in the hair 
  • Easily goes orange: especially if you’re looking to go lighter
  • Contains metallic salts which means reactions are more likely and if you were to do your hair wrong and need professional help your hair could potentially have a reaction
  • If you have to go to a professional to get a colour correction in the event that the at home dye doesn’t go to plan you would have to pay A LOT of money to get your hair corrected
  • If you want a temporary colour done but you’re having to mix a peroxide in with your colour: it is a permanent colour
  • Henna is worse than using a box dye! Believe it or not it is. For example: Once in the past when someone failed to tell me they dye their hair with henna after a long consultation and wanted to be lighter- I remember applying the prelightener to their hair and the foils started heating up rapidly. On parts of their hair where they did not have henna the foils turned into this beautiful light blonde. However, the other foils where the same prelightener was used but on the parts of the hair that had henna- their hair went an extremely bright bright red. It looked beautiful in the end but it meant an extra 5 hours of work and no lunch break. These days a lot of people turn down anyone who uses henna as they have an even higher risk of having a reaction like that then someone who uses a box dye.

Bleaching at Home

Don’t get me wrong I’ve met people who can bleach their hair well at home, others end up needing corrections and the unlucky few need hair cuts… 

So for those who want to try:

  • Hair Bleach is not something to mess around with
  • Your hair will easily go orange and patchy if you dont apply properly or leave on for the correct amount of time
  • If you’re not careful you can easily cause breakage and/or over-procession (ramen noodle hair)
  • If you use stains and toners to change your hair frequently and find yourself bleach bathing a lot then you can really damage your hair 

What You Can Do

If you want your hair bleached/ coloured or even cut for little to no money you can go to a salon and ask if they need models. Trainees would do your hair for their assessments but their work is looked over by highly experienced professionals who will make sure you’ll have perfect hair. The cost is usually free or you just Pay for the products that were used


You can go on Gumtree or Facebook groups for trainees looking for models. Some trainees have more experience than you may think; for example I’m fully qualified and have been in the industry for over 5 years now, but I have gone back to the beginning with my training as I moved company so I’m learning their way of doing hair colour. Or some may have experience for several years and they’re on an intense training course where they need 4 models daily to get promoted.*** The only thing I must say in regards to becoming a hair model is never cancel last minute, if you’re not going to show up then don’t make the appointment and make sure you get a skin test if you’re thinking about having colour. Not turning up to appointments or cancelling on the day could really effect the person you booked with. It’s a two-way street, you help them and you get your hair done for nothing and walk out looking amazing 


 If you have used henna or box dye in your hair make sure you tell them so they can perform a reaction test to ensure your hair will be safe.


For my fellow bleached babes who love changing their hair but don’t want the damage you can use water-based direct dyes. So I use Wella Perfecton if I want to change the tone of my hair, they are inter-mixable colours and come out after 1 or two washes. You can create custom colours too, just nothing bright like a super neon pink or green etc. You can also use Infuse my Colour shampoos which are amazing! They are sulphate and silicon free and the colours last for about 3 washes! my personal favourite is mixing graphite and quarts to get a smoky pink effect!  

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Shampoo Hair Care

Shampoo Hair Care

Man, I can not count the times I have already mentioned about how important it is to have the proper shampoos and conditioners in these blog posts

So this post is a bit different. I’m going to categorise my favourite shampoo and conditioner products/ brands in the order of affordable to luxury. Plus Extra side tips if they are vegan/  sulphate free/ silicon free etc

Okay great, intro done, lets get going:


Happy Naturals- I personally just adore their products. When I’m tight for money (especially close to Christmas) I would go to my local super market and pick up ANY of their shampoos/conditioners. They are sulphate, paraben, silicon free- they are vegan and cruelty free as well! Another incredible feature besides how nice they smell is the price tag. For a shampoo I can buy it for about £4 a bottle! A great way of being good to the planet, good to your hair and scalp without breaking the bank! 

 Salon Affordable

This is what I call “a product that a salon would recommend but cheaper than salon price” aka “Salon Affordable”

Schwarzkopf Professional:

Bonacure Peptide Repair Rescue– Nice protein range for weaker or bleached hair. It is not sulphate or silicone free but the formula is softer and more forgiving.This is one of those formulas where the shampoo isn’t 100% relying on the power of sodium laureth sulphate and also uses micellar technology to help prevent drying out the hair and scalp. Leaves the hair feeling more nourished than before. (My personal tip is that I always use this shampoo and conditioner combo right after I bleached someones hair to help give back the shine, strength and moisture that bleach strips away)

Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick– Pretty much for the same reasons as above, helps prevent breakage,  moisturising, soft formula and doesn’t break the bank. You can get a litre bottle for around £16. Good for all hair types.

Fibre Force– For all of my over processed bleach babes: you do not know what you are missing! The Fibre force range just makes bleached hair easy. I once had the knottiest of the knotted  out of control monster hair all because it was over processed. Someone sprayed a product from this range on my hair once and it just changed my hair completely!

Salon Range

So this part is exactly what it seems and I probably don’t have to explain. Shampoos and conditioners that are priced on average of what the majority of london salons tend to sell. Plus I’ve added a few links where you can find these items.

Pureology– Sulphate free shampoo, they are very hydrating and make the hair and scalp feel refreshed. It’s one of my personal favourite brands to use, doesn’t dry out the hair and doesn’t weight the hair down. leaves hair soft and shiny.

 Olaplex– Olaplex No4 and No5, these two reasonably priced shampoos are great for the hair, especially even more so when pair with their No3 Bond repairing treatment. This combo is essential for bringing your hair back to health!

 Evo Hair– Seriously, what are you doing? stock up on their products are and always will be my top favourites. Their shampoos and conditioners and vegan, sulphate and silicon free, cruelty free,  environmentally friendly with their packaging made from recycled materials, they give any damaged or imperfect products to the homeless, all of their ingredients are natural and all the money they save from advertising they use to make their products better. So go get off this page and try them out!

 Luxury Range

Still here? Well I don’t blame you if you fancy on spending big! Go big or go home right?

Oribe– I mention this brand a lot, but the reason why is because I just adore their products. My personal favourite ranges that they do are:

Signature: Unisex, everyday use, creamy texture for both shampoo and conditioner plus it cleans really nicely without drying out the hair. Perfect for all you daily-gym-goers. Besides you should try the signature masque my hair just loves that product! It’s my go-to if someone wants an extra boost of silky moisture without making the hair as flat as a greasy pancake.

Gold Lust: Made to be great for the scalp, full of vitamins, natural oils, has Mediterranean Cypress Extract which in history has been known to be a symbol of immortality from it’s natural moisture and because it is from the “gold lust” range it has a Bio-Restorative Complex built into the formula. It strengthens and nourishes, helps to prevent split ends and keeps the hair and scalp healthy.

Moisture and Control: This is a heavy duty moisture range so if your hair is dry then this is perfect for you. Anti- Frizz, Anti- tangle but with extra softness and shine!

Of course the Oribe range could possibly break the bank just a tad but if you want an amazing Christmas gift you now know what to ask for!Well those are my personal favourite shampoo and conditioner brands and ranges to help you get started on your new journey to great hair! 

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How To Stop The Fade!

Guide For Copper And Red Heads

Here’s The Secret…

Well hello there! If you’re here then you have probably learnt the hard way that your fire-like pumpkin spiced locks have faded and might look a little on the muddy or peachy side. It’s not you… Or me or any hairdressers fault. It’s completely natural for reds, pinks and coppers to fade drastically. Sucks, right?

It’s annoying because I wish there was a dye out there that would finally last. Red and copper is such a powerful hair colour; you can stand out in the crowd, hair vibrant and shining like the sun! However, even though a dye that will never fade doesn’t exist there are other options that will help.

The products that I’m going to recommend are gentle direct dyes that will not damage the hair. Plus I’ll add a couple of freebie formulas to get you on your way! 

Coloured shampoo 🍊

My personal recommendation to avoid colour fade is the infuse my colour shampoos. The shampoos are sulphate, silicone and paraben free. Plus the colour lasts up to 3 washes after using it for 1 wash. 🥮

They have a couple of different coloured shampoos to use depending on your preference. If you’re more of a red head you would prefer the Ruby shampoo. If you like your hair more on the copper orange side then the copper shampoo is perfect for you.

Colour conditioner 🔥

For the coloured conditioner I recommend the Evo Hair brand in the Fabulouso range. They have plenty of different kinds of coloured conditioner. The conditioners are good for your hair, leaving it feeling soft and nourished. As well as the colour it leaves behind will look shiny and vibrant. The conditioner dyes can last up to 10 washes if applied correctly.

Applying the conditioner is a little different from your average. If you’re not careful you could accidentally break down the colour molecules making it less effective. So the trick is to shampoo first, squeeze out the excess, towel dry (to not dilute the formula) then in sections- run the conditioner through the hair. DO NOT rub or saturate the conditioner in! You have to smooth it on. Rubbing in the conditioner breaks down the dye making it weaker. Then once the product is on use a wide tooth comb to comb through gently then leave on between 3-10 minutes.

Colour Rinse ❤️

So a colour rinse I recommend is a water-based direct dye from Wella. The product is known as “Perfecton” and it’s a liquid dye in a squeezy bottle. The product lasts between 1-3 washes depending on how strong you make it and is entirely customisable. It’s a leave-in conditioner type of dye with a vitamin complex and no ammonia.

The colours they have for the copper/ red range is 0/44 intense red, 0/3 gold and 0/43 copper. This is a more professional and complex way of doing things but if you want a specific colour but you can’t find it then this is the best option.

You can mix and change the formula however you like. For example if I wanted a peach copper I would mix:

10ml of Mahogany + 10ml of gold + 5ml of intense red + 250ml of warm water.

For a more red toned copper I would mix:

20ml intense red + 10ml gold + 250ml warm water.

The formulas can be changed, they can be diluted or made stronger. As long as whatever dye you use you add warm water with it. Application is easy, shampoo first, the condition, rinse, squeeze out excess, towel dry (optional but would be better) then you can either sponge the dye on or dip it. I often tend to have a bowl ready and dip most of my hair then sponge the roots then I squeeze out the excess and WITHOUT rinsing off I just dry my hair. You can rinse it for like 2 seconds if you’re worried about the dye getting everywhere- but you don’t want to rinse too much because for it to lock in you have to dry it into the hair.

Extra tip, if you want the copper to be a bit muted you can mix about 2-5ml of 0/7 brunette. Brunette is a neutral to warm tone that will help dull down a bright copper.

That’s all for today! Thank you for reading! Stay hot!! ❤️🔥

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I was just thinking, why don’t you sign up to my newsletter!? I mean, you get to have me blab on even more! How great is that! I am an absolute chatter box, so I’ll be very entertaining just typing and typing, filling up your screen with: makeup, skin care and hair advice, latest news, random salon drama, my own hair and makeup dramas (don’t laugh to hard when I tell you some of the stuff I’ve done!) and keeping you up to date to help you with your hair and beauty journeys! I can’t wait to get you started on your new hair and beauty path!

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Truth Bomb! Will Vitamins Make Your Hair Grow?

Will Hair Vitamins Help Your Hair Grow Faster And Thicker?

I know the answer if you want to find out…

Here’s The Truth

If you’re reading this you probably want to know if Hair Growth vitamins really work. The short answer is: yes! BUT not in the way you would expect. There’s a lot more to the answer than you may think. Plus a few extra tips on how to grow your hair…

What’s the reason for purchasing these types of vitamins?

  • Thicker hair
  • Healthier
  • hair
  • Shinier Hair
  • Stronger hair

And last but not least the most popular reason is faster hair growth!

Sure, if there was a vitamin that made my hair grow to the length of Rapunzel over-night I would DEFINITELY take it! Thing is, that’s not really how it works.

The reality of the myth

Hair vitamins contribute to making stronger and thicker hair. A fairly big misconception is that when we take these vitamins we expect to see instant results. For example we expect to see our hair grow twice as fast, be instantly thicker and shinier all the way from roots to ends in less than a week. I know I know, I wish it was true too. The truth is you wouldn’t start seeing your hair thicken until about after 3 months or so. This is because vitamins don’t work on the hair that you currently see on your head.

It works on the new growth (or your roots if you will) and you have to wait for your hair to grow to be able to see the difference.The other truth that the vitamin company isn’t telling you is that your hair isn’t going to magically start growing five inches a month. In reality hair grows around a centimeter a month. I’m not saying it’s impossible for it to grow faster. The only issue is that vitamins alone aren’t really going to do that. 

Best results for thicker hair?

Now I said it was near impossible for mega hair growth but it’s not impossible for thicker and healthier hair when it comes to vitamins. There’s a proven fact about a particular type of vitamin known as Biotin. I have met many people who take higher dosages of this and have great results.

If you’re careful and take the higher dosages of biotin then you will notice your new growth will begin to thicken over time. I say if you’re careful because it’s overdosing on a vitamin up to 20,000% the normal intake. I’ve never known any side effects since taking it for months but if you’re pregnant or on medication it’s best to speak to your doctor before hand.

This goes without saying but I should mention it anyway- don’t start on the higher dosage so quickly. Start off by taking 100 mcg for a bit then work up to 1000 mcg (which is 2000% more than the usual intake), the highest dosage I recommend is 10 mg (10,000 mcg) Best part about biotin is that it’s not only good for the hair but great for skin and nails too it’s a type of vitamin B after all. 

Making Hair Grow Faster

Don’t get me wrong I wish there was an easy solution to growing hair and because this is an honest blog I have to be honest with you. But thankfully working in a hair salon you get to learn all sorts of tips and tricks. Now I said that vitamins can’t just make your hair grow super fast on its own. You have to “fertilize”, “water” and give round the clock treatment- like a high maintenance plant. This is something you have to keep up with, I learnt the hard way.


Now you were originally thinking about what vitamins are going to make your hair grow, taking in what your hair likes. What you’re forgetting is the “soil” that is your scalp. You need a type of catalyst to nurture the hair right at the follicles. If there’s one thing all hairdressers agree on that is getting a scalp massage. Having a scalp massage increases the blood flow to the follicles and stimulates hair growth.

Now I can’t explain it but in the past I used a mixture of castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and cacay oil on my scalp only (not on the ends all the time like before every other shampoo because of the protein content. Some protein is amazing but too much is a bad thing) and some how in the space of 2 months of me using this mixture before every shampoo made my hair grow nearly 3 inches. However after I stopped and tried to go back to it, it never work again since. So it’s very hit and miss. But it’s still true that you have to have a healthy well nourished scalp if you want your hair to grow.

So another thing is DO NOT wash your hair every day!! Doing this dries out your hair and scalp. You should try to wash it once or twice a week at most! While we are on that note, all of you oily scalp people out there who are worrying about your greasy hair; guess what? You’re AHEAD OF THE GAME! Yeah! You heard me! The oil that secretes from the Sebaceous gland in our hair follicles is known as sebum! (Yes, I said sebum, pronounced exactly how you think) but what you don’t know is how great that stuff is for our hair!

Fun fact** I’ve known many people with naturally oily scalps that don’t wash their hair every day and their hair grows twice as fast. For example I happen to have a cousin with a naturally oily scalp and I cut her hair once a year. (Hypocritically speaking do not cut your hair once a year) I only cut her hair once a year because she always wants to cut off between 12 and 15 inches because that’s how much her hair grows in one year. On average people’s hair only grows 6 inches a year.

Also I should mention when you do wash your hair don’t just pick up any shampoo and conditioner from the super market. You need to be an ingredient nerd to be ahead of the game. Your shampoos and conditioners should never contain harsh sulfates and silicons. Sulfate shampoos drastically dry out the hair and even strip out colour. However there are the rare few shampoos that do contain sulfates but they aren’t the same harsh ones that you would find in your hand soap or washing up liquid. But like I said, they’re rare.

For example you could look at the bit-too-pricey luxury oribe range! Not all but a few of their shampoos contain a version of sulfates that aren’t harsh on the scalp and hair. They’re shampoos and conditioners are some of the best I’ve ever used but they would certainly break the bank. If you don’t mind forking out a bit of money- I would definitely recommend you getting the oribe gold lust shampoo and conditioner.

Oribe Gold Lust: Shampoo, Conditioner, Balm D’Or, Dry Shampoo

That range was designed to be good for your scalp (it even has biotin as one of its main ingredients).

DO NOT get any shampoo and conditioner with silicone in it! Especially silicons that are not water soluble. I have spoken to many of my previous clients who used to use for example TRESemmé (sorry TRESemmé) and due to their silicone content in both their shampoos and conditioners they have found that their hair snaps and breaks. When silicone is put in these products and not washed out with a silicone free cleansing shampoo then you end up with product build up. It’s not pretty, trust me.

Brands I personally recommend for shampoo and conditioner:

  • Olaplex No4 And No5
  • Evo Hair (any mix of their shampoo and conditioners)
  • Pureology
  • Oribe (My personal favourites are signature, gold lust, brilliance and shine and moisture and control)
Oribe Moisture and control shampoo


What I mean for this is just generally keeping your life healthy. Eating relatively well with good protein and nutrition, exercise at least some what regularly and sleep well- annoying I know. It’s not always that easy. Also, water, generally just drink a lot of water. Round the clock treatment-Apart from making sure your scalp is treated well, you have to take care of your ends. You want your hair to grow longer right? Well that means you’re going to have to take good care of the ends.

You need to have a trim every 6-8 weeks, lay off the hot tools, use heat protectant and Uv protectant and use Olaplex! Olaplex is special bond reforming treatment. There are a lot of plex technology treatments on the market but doesn’t mean that they’re real. If you want the real deal then you need to get Olaplex. Olaplex over time rebuild the disulfide bonds that had previously broken in the hair. It works from the inside out so you won’t notice the treatments effect on the first few uses. But trust me, that’s a good thing.

Olaplex No3

If a plex technology treatment made your hair feel like silk on the first day then high chances are it’s only sitting on the cuticle layer on the hair and hasn’t penetrated through to the cortex layer when all of you DNA, melanin, hydrogen/salt and disulfide bonds are. However with Olaplex you can’t expect to use it once and then you’ve magically fix your hair, it doesn’t work like that.

Olaplex may be a permanent treatment so once it’s in it’s in but you can still break those bonds again by brushing, styling, washing etc so it’s a constant up keep. On the bright side of you use it enough (and you can’t over use this pre-shampoo treatment) you can hold off getting a hair cut a little longer like up to 12 weeks as it helps to prolong split ends. Using it is easy, damp the hair, towel dry, apply the treatment, comb through and then leave on for as long as possible. The longer the better. However once the treatment has dried in the hair it stops working so you can A) wash it off or B) damp, towel dry and reapply. Option B is the better option. 

Great well now that’s done I need to clean all the tea I spilt for today 


️I hope I helped some of you! If you have any questions you can contact me on my Instagram @wren_tailoredhair I will try my best to talk to everyone of you 


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