How To Colour Your Hair At Home Ebook

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This ebook is a guide to teach you how to colour your hair at home when you are unable to get to a professional!

Since we are all still suffering from the 2020 lockdown pandemic, and even though salons are gradually opening up around the world, there are still some people who can’t go to a salon or can not risk going to one. I don’t personally recommend people dyeing their hair at home… But I know people will still try. So, to save people the costs of getting a very, VERY expensive colour corrective service done that will surely put anyone out of pocket, you can now learn how to safely colour your hair with less risk.

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There are 6 sessions within this book.

I will teach you the ground knowledge you MUST know before dyeing your hair. The knowledge you will learn will be the a shortened and more direct version as what a hairdresser learns in their final year of NVQ training. This knowledge is important as it will help you understand a lot more about colour and your hair- so, if anything were to go wrong you would know how to correct that from the basic knowledge alone.

You will also have an abundance of diagrams on how to apply the colour.

The techniques you will learn will include:

  • Roots (tint)
  • Roots (bleach)
  • Full head colour
  • Full head bleach
  • Toning
  • Highlights
  • Balayage (and other freehand techniques such as ombre, ecaille, sombre etc)
  • Bleach Panelling (For example, the “E-girl” style bleach panel)
  • Colour melting
  • Two-Tone tinting


I can’t guarantee your colour will come out perfect, this will depend on whether or not you have followed my advice exactly. But I can guarantee that if you do follow my advice, you will have a much better chance of a good result rather than without my guidance.

I do recommend that you look into using professional products such as Wella koleston perfect and schwarzkopf igora professional.

Do not use henna or box dyes.

For more information on caring for your hair you can check my website for the hair advice blog, or if  you are in need of bleached hair advice you can download my ebook “The Ultimate Guide To Bleach Hair”

8 reviews for How To Colour Your Hair At Home Ebook

  1. Bella

    Because of lockdown I really needed to colour my hair badly! I’ve seen way too many people on the internet who do a bad job so I wanted to try and get it right 😂😅 I found this book when I was looking on google and it’s really informative! I wish there was a video demonstration but the guides were pretty clear so it was easy to follow! I only needed to do my roots but I’m getting an itch to do some highlighting so I might give that a go!

  2. D.

    I agree with the other review that said that there should be a video to show you how to do all these sessions. But ya get use to the keys in the diagrams. I wanted to have some lighter pieces in my hair so I did the balayage thing and it worked. I did screw it up a bit on one part and didn’t blend it well but they added a part on how you can fix that and it did a really good job. Recommend 100%

  3. Josh

    Going to give this ago pretty straight forward

  4. Elena

    I already have the other book for blondes and I love it sooo much!! This book has also really helped me out too! Def recommend

  5. Ali

    I cant risk going to a hairdressers for a while because of my health so its good to kno that theres another option

  6. Carol

    I tried to do my bleach roots and I took really big sections because I didnt want to faf about with doing small sections so it made my roots patchy in some places. I went back over it following actual guide and it’s all good now just do what it says and it’ll be fine

  7. Therese

    Works x

  8. Pheebs

    It’s not easy coloring my own hair but I managed to do ok with this book

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