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This book is for those who are looking to bleach their hair, have bleached their hair for years or just starting out, struggling with damage and/or breakage or for anyone that needs to know how to really take care of their hair. For the full contents of the book please scroll down. 

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The pictures your seeing, that’s me.

The photos were taken just 3 weeks apart. I’ve only ever experienced bleached breakage twice on my hair. Both times were from bad days at the salon where the colourist had pushed my hair that little bit too far.

But there was a difference between both experiences, the first one back in 2018- I had to cut it off to fix it.

That’s the thing, pretty much all hairdressers will tell you that you need to cut off your hair if it’s been over processed like mine. When really… You don’t have to at all!

The second time I had breakage was January 2020, this year! I stopped my breakage in one week! The dates between those two photos is 3 weeks. Of course my book isn’t only about bleached breakage and damage and how I go about repairing the hair. This is the complete guide, everything you should know about bleached hair will be in my book. For more information on what you would be receiving, read the contents below.

This IS NOT a D-I-Y at-home remedy where you will stick avocado on your head and it would magically be fixed! It’s none of that…

In my book, I’ve designed it like a course, if you follow it correctly you will see results. See, I’m already being strict and you’ve probably not read the book yet. But, this isn’t something where you can do it for a day and expect your hair to be healthy and perfect. This is a rehabilitation for your hair, if you take my guide seriously- it will put you on the right track to having healthy bleached hair.



This book will help you with the problems you are facing and problems you may not know you have. Here’s What I will teach you:

Page 9: Essentials: I will go through everything you need to know before bleaching your hair.

Page 25: What to know Pre-hair appointment: This is where we start planning your hair, a lot of people think you can just book an appointment and go from there but it’s so much more than that! Hair is a journey, it’s not something you can have one day and not the next. This is where we talk about what really suits you, not only appearance wise- I’m talking about lifestyle too. Not only that but there’s a lot of information that hairdressers skip on that you definitely can’t afford to miss.

Page 55: This is your new day-to-day hair guide! This is a step by step guide starting from 1 month before your appointment to 2 weeks after. I’m going to teach you how you should be prepping your hair ready for a big change and how to restore it post appointment.

Page 76: How to stop breakage in 20 days or less!  I have a whole section for you to read, memorise and revise for whenever you may need it! This is to stop breakage only so you can then begin to make it stronger.

Page 92: Hair treatment guide. This is my hair treatment vault that you can read up on when you know you need a hair treatment but you’re not sure which one. I have written down all of my personal favourites and explained why they’ll be great to you like they were to me.

Page 107: Top questions asked, I talked about the questions that don’t get answered, including big ones that people don’t generally like talking about but could save you a lot of time and money.

Page 130: Advanced tips; This is actually spread out over the next 60 pages as there was so much to go through. This is where I teach you how to not be gullible into buying just any product that’s on the shelf saving you tons and tons of money! How to style your hair with minimal damage! How to create your own custom toners and mixing products to suit your hair best, and finally how to properly identify what your hair needs like a professional would- so you can correctly diagnose and treat your hair with the products your hair needs!

This book is a total of 192 pages and trust me you would read it more than once as it’s designed to be there for whenever you need help and your hairdresser isn’t around.

There’s nothing else to say except; welcome, to your new hair journey!

10 reviews for The Ultimate Guide To Bleached Hair Ebook

  1. Christie

    Soooo helpful!
    Great tips on having healthy hair, would 100% recommend and worth the read!

  2. Elena

    I love this book! I’m so excited to get started on fixing my hair! I never knew how much I needed this!

  3. Phoebe

    Before buying this book I was a bit skeptical because I had tried everything and all hairdressers would just tell me to chop all of my hair off! I’m trying to grow it and it’s hard to grow it when it’s breaking. This book not only so relatable but gives in detail on how I can stop it from breaking!! I love the stopping the breakage section and I’ve seen amazing results already and it’s only been a week! It’s hard work but it’s totally worth it!!!!!! Thank you so much!! Real life saver!

  4. Georgia

    She’s done my hair for years and makes sure that there is minimal damage made which has never previously made sense how till reading this book, other places and books have been rubbish and fake

  5. Gabby

    I have never heard of this brand or person before so I did not know if this is for real or another scam. Buuuut the ebook was really cheap so I thought I’d give it a try. There is sooo much I didn’t know about my hair and it all makes sense now. There is no way I can go back to how I was taking care of it before. I’m more surprised that I got this book for dirt cheap. Definitely worth looking into if you are serious about your hair

  6. Josh

    Good info 👌🏻 Going blonde so good to know

  7. H

    100% recommend

  8. Bailey B

    Love the writing style ❤️ Great advice too

  9. Ceana

    So far so good ! I’ve been following the advice in this book for a couple of weeks now and I’m already seeing a difference!

  10. Tyler

    Great read, especially for beginners!

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