Shampoo Hair Care

Shampoo Hair Care

Man, I can not count the times I have already mentioned about how important it is to have the proper shampoos and conditioners in these blog posts

So this post is a bit different. I’m going to categorise my favourite shampoo and conditioner products/ brands in the order of affordable to luxury. Plus Extra side tips if they are vegan/  sulphate free/ silicon free etc

Okay great, intro done, lets get going:


Happy Naturals- I personally just adore their products. When I’m tight for money (especially close to Christmas) I would go to my local super market and pick up ANY of their shampoos/conditioners. They are sulphate, paraben, silicon free- they are vegan and cruelty free as well! Another incredible feature besides how nice they smell is the price tag. For a shampoo I can buy it for about £4 a bottle! A great way of being good to the planet, good to your hair and scalp without breaking the bank! 

 Salon Affordable

This is what I call “a product that a salon would recommend but cheaper than salon price” aka “Salon Affordable”

Schwarzkopf Professional:

Bonacure Peptide Repair Rescue– Nice protein range for weaker or bleached hair. It is not sulphate or silicone free but the formula is softer and more forgiving.This is one of those formulas where the shampoo isn’t 100% relying on the power of sodium laureth sulphate and also uses micellar technology to help prevent drying out the hair and scalp. Leaves the hair feeling more nourished than before. (My personal tip is that I always use this shampoo and conditioner combo right after I bleached someones hair to help give back the shine, strength and moisture that bleach strips away)

Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick– Pretty much for the same reasons as above, helps prevent breakage,  moisturising, soft formula and doesn’t break the bank. You can get a litre bottle for around £16. Good for all hair types.

Fibre Force– For all of my over processed bleach babes: you do not know what you are missing! The Fibre force range just makes bleached hair easy. I once had the knottiest of the knotted  out of control monster hair all because it was over processed. Someone sprayed a product from this range on my hair once and it just changed my hair completely!

Salon Range

So this part is exactly what it seems and I probably don’t have to explain. Shampoos and conditioners that are priced on average of what the majority of london salons tend to sell. Plus I’ve added a few links where you can find these items.

Pureology– Sulphate free shampoo, they are very hydrating and make the hair and scalp feel refreshed. It’s one of my personal favourite brands to use, doesn’t dry out the hair and doesn’t weight the hair down. leaves hair soft and shiny.

 Olaplex– Olaplex No4 and No5, these two reasonably priced shampoos are great for the hair, especially even more so when pair with their No3 Bond repairing treatment. This combo is essential for bringing your hair back to health!

 Evo Hair– Seriously, what are you doing? stock up on their products are and always will be my top favourites. Their shampoos and conditioners and vegan, sulphate and silicon free, cruelty free,  environmentally friendly with their packaging made from recycled materials, they give any damaged or imperfect products to the homeless, all of their ingredients are natural and all the money they save from advertising they use to make their products better. So go get off this page and try them out!

 Luxury Range

Still here? Well I don’t blame you if you fancy on spending big! Go big or go home right?

Oribe– I mention this brand a lot, but the reason why is because I just adore their products. My personal favourite ranges that they do are:

Signature: Unisex, everyday use, creamy texture for both shampoo and conditioner plus it cleans really nicely without drying out the hair. Perfect for all you daily-gym-goers. Besides you should try the signature masque my hair just loves that product! It’s my go-to if someone wants an extra boost of silky moisture without making the hair as flat as a greasy pancake.

Gold Lust: Made to be great for the scalp, full of vitamins, natural oils, has Mediterranean Cypress Extract which in history has been known to be a symbol of immortality from it’s natural moisture and because it is from the “gold lust” range it has a Bio-Restorative Complex built into the formula. It strengthens and nourishes, helps to prevent split ends and keeps the hair and scalp healthy.

Moisture and Control: This is a heavy duty moisture range so if your hair is dry then this is perfect for you. Anti- Frizz, Anti- tangle but with extra softness and shine!

Of course the Oribe range could possibly break the bank just a tad but if you want an amazing Christmas gift you now know what to ask for!Well those are my personal favourite shampoo and conditioner brands and ranges to help you get started on your new journey to great hair! 

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