What To Know Before Colouring Your Hair At Home

Things To Know Before You Colour Your Hair At Home!

Don’t want to pay the salon price or can’t afford it so you prefer to colour at home? Well here’s why you shouldn’t and how to make going to the salon even more cost effective and get more out of your money then doing your hair at home. Hair Colour ProductsSo if you’re trying to dye your hair with a box dye here’s what you should know:

  • Box dye companies don’t know who is applying the colour to their hair. Is it someone who wants to be lighter? Darker? Wants to cover a few whites? Or do they have 100% grey resistant roots?Basically, rather than creating individual formulas to work with the correct people they create one formula for a colour that would cover everything. Meaning they want to make sure the colour covers the most resistant hair possible which to anyone who hasn’t got that issue and has fine soft hair: it is very very damaging and over time your hair will appear more dull, fried and unhealthy.
  • Dark patches and colour build up: creates dark banding in the hair 
  • Easily goes orange: especially if you’re looking to go lighter
  • Contains metallic salts which means reactions are more likely and if you were to do your hair wrong and need professional help your hair could potentially have a reaction
  • If you have to go to a professional to get a colour correction in the event that the at home dye doesn’t go to plan you would have to pay A LOT of money to get your hair corrected
  • If you want a temporary colour done but you’re having to mix a peroxide in with your colour: it is a permanent colour
  • Henna is worse than using a box dye! Believe it or not it is. For example: Once in the past when someone failed to tell me they dye their hair with henna after a long consultation and wanted to be lighter- I remember applying the prelightener to their hair and the foils started heating up rapidly. On parts of their hair where they did not have henna the foils turned into this beautiful light blonde. However, the other foils where the same prelightener was used but on the parts of the hair that had henna- their hair went an extremely bright bright red. It looked beautiful in the end but it meant an extra 5 hours of work and no lunch break. These days a lot of people turn down anyone who uses henna as they have an even higher risk of having a reaction like that then someone who uses a box dye.

Bleaching at Home

Don’t get me wrong I’ve met people who can bleach their hair well at home, others end up needing corrections and the unlucky few need hair cuts… 

So for those who want to try:

  • Hair Bleach is not something to mess around with
  • Your hair will easily go orange and patchy if you dont apply properly or leave on for the correct amount of time
  • If you’re not careful you can easily cause breakage and/or over-procession (ramen noodle hair)
  • If you use stains and toners to change your hair frequently and find yourself bleach bathing a lot then you can really damage your hair 

What You Can Do

If you want your hair bleached/ coloured or even cut for little to no money you can go to a salon and ask if they need models. Trainees would do your hair for their assessments but their work is looked over by highly experienced professionals who will make sure you’ll have perfect hair. The cost is usually free or you just Pay for the products that were used


You can go on Gumtree or Facebook groups for trainees looking for models. Some trainees have more experience than you may think; for example I’m fully qualified and have been in the industry for over 5 years now, but I have gone back to the beginning with my training as I moved company so I’m learning their way of doing hair colour. Or some may have experience for several years and they’re on an intense training course where they need 4 models daily to get promoted.*** The only thing I must say in regards to becoming a hair model is never cancel last minute, if you’re not going to show up then don’t make the appointment and make sure you get a skin test if you’re thinking about having colour. Not turning up to appointments or cancelling on the day could really effect the person you booked with. It’s a two-way street, you help them and you get your hair done for nothing and walk out looking amazing 


 If you have used henna or box dye in your hair make sure you tell them so they can perform a reaction test to ensure your hair will be safe.


For my fellow bleached babes who love changing their hair but don’t want the damage you can use water-based direct dyes. So I use Wella Perfecton if I want to change the tone of my hair, they are inter-mixable colours and come out after 1 or two washes. You can create custom colours too, just nothing bright like a super neon pink or green etc. You can also use Infuse my Colour shampoos which are amazing! They are sulphate and silicon free and the colours last for about 3 washes! my personal favourite is mixing graphite and quarts to get a smoky pink effect!  

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