How To Stop The Fade!

Guide For Copper And Red Heads

Here’s The Secret…

Well hello there! If you’re here then you have probably learnt the hard way that your fire-like pumpkin spiced locks have faded and might look a little on the muddy or peachy side. It’s not you… Or me or any hairdressers fault. It’s completely natural for reds, pinks and coppers to fade drastically. Sucks, right?

It’s annoying because I wish there was a dye out there that would finally last. Red and copper is such a powerful hair colour; you can stand out in the crowd, hair vibrant and shining like the sun! However, even though a dye that will never fade doesn’t exist there are other options that will help.

The products that I’m going to recommend are gentle direct dyes that will not damage the hair. Plus I’ll add a couple of freebie formulas to get you on your way! 

Coloured shampoo 🍊

My personal recommendation to avoid colour fade is the infuse my colour shampoos. The shampoos are sulphate, silicone and paraben free. Plus the colour lasts up to 3 washes after using it for 1 wash. 🥮

They have a couple of different coloured shampoos to use depending on your preference. If you’re more of a red head you would prefer the Ruby shampoo. If you like your hair more on the copper orange side then the copper shampoo is perfect for you.

Colour conditioner 🔥

For the coloured conditioner I recommend the Evo Hair brand in the Fabulouso range. They have plenty of different kinds of coloured conditioner. The conditioners are good for your hair, leaving it feeling soft and nourished. As well as the colour it leaves behind will look shiny and vibrant. The conditioner dyes can last up to 10 washes if applied correctly.

Applying the conditioner is a little different from your average. If you’re not careful you could accidentally break down the colour molecules making it less effective. So the trick is to shampoo first, squeeze out the excess, towel dry (to not dilute the formula) then in sections- run the conditioner through the hair. DO NOT rub or saturate the conditioner in! You have to smooth it on. Rubbing in the conditioner breaks down the dye making it weaker. Then once the product is on use a wide tooth comb to comb through gently then leave on between 3-10 minutes.

Colour Rinse ❤️

So a colour rinse I recommend is a water-based direct dye from Wella. The product is known as “Perfecton” and it’s a liquid dye in a squeezy bottle. The product lasts between 1-3 washes depending on how strong you make it and is entirely customisable. It’s a leave-in conditioner type of dye with a vitamin complex and no ammonia.

The colours they have for the copper/ red range is 0/44 intense red, 0/3 gold and 0/43 copper. This is a more professional and complex way of doing things but if you want a specific colour but you can’t find it then this is the best option.

You can mix and change the formula however you like. For example if I wanted a peach copper I would mix:

10ml of Mahogany + 10ml of gold + 5ml of intense red + 250ml of warm water.

For a more red toned copper I would mix:

20ml intense red + 10ml gold + 250ml warm water.

The formulas can be changed, they can be diluted or made stronger. As long as whatever dye you use you add warm water with it. Application is easy, shampoo first, the condition, rinse, squeeze out excess, towel dry (optional but would be better) then you can either sponge the dye on or dip it. I often tend to have a bowl ready and dip most of my hair then sponge the roots then I squeeze out the excess and WITHOUT rinsing off I just dry my hair. You can rinse it for like 2 seconds if you’re worried about the dye getting everywhere- but you don’t want to rinse too much because for it to lock in you have to dry it into the hair.

Extra tip, if you want the copper to be a bit muted you can mix about 2-5ml of 0/7 brunette. Brunette is a neutral to warm tone that will help dull down a bright copper.

That’s all for today! Thank you for reading! Stay hot!! ❤️🔥

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